Barn Bread- next pick up, wednesday 9/21 @5pm

It’s late Tuesday and the sourdough starter is just about to get its second feeding for it’s big day tomorrow. I’ve just returned from the Kneading Conference West where I go t an abundance of information about bread, met lots of amazing bakers and farmers, and strengthened my commitment to using local (Washington grown) organic wheat. 

Right now Barn Bread is made with 75% Washington organic whole wheat and it will be available to pick up tomorrow at Midnight’s Farm (3042 Center Rd) at 5pm. I will also be delivering some loaves to town, so if you would like to meet me with your bread there, let me know by e-mail. 
My last farmer’s market of the year will be this Saturday (the 24th), so you can pick up your second fresh loaf of the week in town then from 10-2. 
After Saturday I will be baking twice a week and working mostly on a subscription basis. You can pre-order any amount of bread to be picked up each week (or twice a week if you like it fresh and frequent) for $4. The price will be $5 for one time sales. (There will also be a slight increase in size of the loaf)  
Next week’s pick up will be Tuesday afternoon in the old market parking lot. (I will also have my organic, whole grain, naturally leavened fruit scones there too, if you haven’t already had them at the Saturday market, they are a great treat!)
Very near future developments for my bread include: new flavors and shapes, new places to buy bread around the island (islands?!) and a slight name change. I am currently using Ken Burtness’s beautiful (and tall!) wood fired oven and will do so until the weather prohibits outdoor loaf shaping and proofing. I’m looking forward settling into a good spot for fall and winter baking.
warm start of fall wishes; a new season to be filled with good bread!