Barn Bread: Next pick up tomorrow (9/27) 10am

It was a rather wet and blustery bake day, but we managed to get all the bread baked in the outdoor wood oven without much of a hitch.

The last farmer’s market of the season was a lovely warm day and now Barn Bread is on to our fall and winter Community Supported Bakery.
Many of you have now pre-paid for your weekly bread and this e-mail is just a reminder that bread will be available for pick up at the old Village Market parking lot from 10am to noon. If this pick up time doesn’t work for you, please let us know and we’re happy to work something out. Pre-paid bread is a weekly commitment, and since we count on you to pick it up each week, it’s a dollar less than buying one at a time. If you forget to come by, we’ll cover the bread and stick it in the freezer here at midnight’s farm.
Others on this list asked to find out when they can buy their next loaf. Even if you haven’t signed up for the CSB, you can buy bread at tomorrow’s pick up location, as well as at Vita’s cafe. Loaves are now $5 without the subscription.
Blake and Julie are including Barn Bread in their CSA, so if you already pick up their veggies, you can sign on for a $4 loaf per week as well. If you don’t already get their CSA, sign-up forms are at Blossom.
This week I made some sesame bread as well as the plain wheat. This will be available to try at Vita’s and at Blake and Julie’s CSA pick up on Sunset Rd. If you’ve pre-ordered bread to pick up the Village and really want to try the sesame, let me know.
We have a local # now, so feel free to e-mail or call with any questions, special needs with pick-up (don’t let the specific times keep you from signing up for bread, just chat with us and we’ll work something out)
Through the wind and rain we’ll get fresh, organic, sourdough bread to you and yours.
Best wishes,
Sage and Nathan