Barn Bread available tomorrow at 8am at Midnight’s Farm

We’re opening the Bread Shed early now and you can buy or pick up your pre-paid bread starting at 8am tomorrow morning at 3042 Center Rd.

Blake and Julie’s CSA members will be able to get your bread at Sunrise Rd from noon until 6pm. There will not be extra bread for sale there, so if you are not already getting bread with your veggies but that location works for you for pick-up or purchase, let us know.

We have a very tasty 100% whole wheat loaf (our first!) and the delicious multi-grain we can’t seem to get enough of. CSB subscribers (those with pre-paid loaves) will get the whole wheat in their bags, unless you strongly prefer the other. Just let us know.
Sunday Bake:
As mentioned, we will be providing the bread for Vita’s Sunday Suppers from now (First dinner this Sunday, the 16th) until the Sunday before Thanksgiving (Nov. 20th). We will be doing a special early sunday morning bake for this purpose and plan to work on other bread ¬†as well. Let us know if you might be interested in an additional loaf, or if you would pick up a loaf Sundays if available. (It would be like Saturdays, in the Bread Shed at Midnight’s Farm, but starting at 3pm.
Holiday Bread:
Some of you have let us know that you would be interested in bread for Thanksgiving, so we are going to give it a go. We’d be happy to hear of additional interest. We are thinking one bag of 13 rolls for $12. Ideas for bread varieties welcome.
Thanks so much for your support and enjoy what looks to be a beautiful weekend!
Sage and Nathan