Barn Bread Tomorrow 8am to 10:45am at Studio 25 in town

Another sunny and crisp bake day. Tomorrow we will have two breads:

100% Whole Wheat
Organic whole red wheat and Organic whole white wheat, wild sourdough
culture, and celtic sea salt

Toasted Sesame
Organic whole red wheat and Organic whole white wheat, Organic
all-purpose flour, wild sourdough culture, organic toasted sesame
seeds, and celtic sea salt

Our mere five months (not quite even) of baking bread for Lopez Island
has been supported by such generous people, it’s really been
astounding. Tomorrow we benefit from yet another generous soul, Polly
Ham, who has agreed to let us try having our in-town pick up/bread
sales at her studio on Eades Lane, just east of the Thrift Store.
Winter has caused us to have to change things up, moving from our
regular Tuesday LVM parking lot location, so we’re sorry for any

You can find your bread tomorrow starting at 8am until about 10:45.
Polly’s studio is on the right side of the building just up the ramp.
The Studio is the big white building located to the right of the
Thrift Store on Eades Lane. There will also be signs!

We are so grateful to not have to sell you cold bread (and to keep
warm ourselves), so come by Studio 25 tomorrow morning and get your
regular subscription, or a fresh, mid-week loaf.

A heads up for Saturday subscribers, next week will be at again Vita’s
(see what we mean about these generous people), which is open from
11am to 4pm.

Warm wishes to all,

Sage and Nathan