Barn Bread for the New Year

We have two beautiful and delicious breads for you tomorrow to be found from 10am to 3pm at Vortex Cafe

100% Whole Wheat
Organic Washington grown whole red and whole white wheat, wild sourdough culture, and celtic sea salt
Toasted Sesame
Organic Washington grown whole red wheat, Organic all-purpose flour, Organic sesame seeds, wild sourdough culture, and celtic sea salt

(We are munching on the sesame right now, and have to admit, it’s on of our best!)


We are not quite back to a regular schedule, due to other demands, so you should know that we will not be baking on Monday for a Tuesday morning pick up. We may do a mid-week bake on for pick up on Wednesday on Thursday. At this point we suggest that those of you with pre-paid bread just plan to pick up Saturdays. If you can’t make it into town let us know and we’ll work something out. 

Just in case you were wondering, since the holidays made things a bit confusing, below is a list of everyone (both Saturday and Tuesday pick ups) that still have money on their pre-pay. Many subscribers finished out before the new year, but those of you below can pick up which ever bread you’d like tomorrow.
There will be subscription sheets at vortex if you’d like to start or re-start your bread subscription.
We are very happy to be back baking, and are looking forward to baking more regularly starting in February. 
If you have a chance to thank Jean for hosting our dear Barn Bread, we’d love to know she’s getting some love for supporting us so generously. Isn’t it nice to have a warm place to pick up bread? We think so!
Best wishes and a very happy New Year!
Barn Bread (Sage and Nathan)