Limited bread sunday for pick up at Midnight’s by request

Due to travel and weather we will be doing a limited bake tomorrow and will have bread available for pick up at our house at Midnight’s Farm. We are in the Granary, on the left as you first drive in, little cabin South across the lawn. We’ll put up our Fresh Bread Sign.
If you would like to pick up or purchase bread give a call or e-mail and we’ll save you a loaf.
You can get bread day Sunday, starting first thing in the am. We will also be delivering bread to Salmonation in town Saturday evening, about 5pm. So if you’d like to coordinate getting a very fresh loaf in town Saturday night let us know.
We’ll be baking a Light Levain and Toasted Sesame.
We’re looking forward to February’s more regular bread schedule, until then, thanks for your support and enjoy!