Today we spent all day making baguettes. The Bay Cafe had its opening today with new owners, Tim and Kristin Shea, and we just knew they’d want to serve up our bread. It worked out and Tim ordered up a bunch of baguettes. We hadn’t really made classic baguettes before, but were up for the challenge. We’ll have to toy with the cooking time and the look, but the taste and texture is pretty perfect. 
If you plan to check out the Bay’s first week, you’ll find familiar Barn Bread on your table, and we’re really excited it’s there. If you’d like to try a baguette without the whole meal deal, we’ll be selling just baguettes tomorrow at Vortex. $4 Each. 
Our next bake day with regular loaves for subscription pick-up and for sale will be Friday
Bread in abundance and we’re pretty thankful for that.
Best wishes,
Sage and Nathan.