Barn Owl at the Sunnyfield Market – Tomorrow! – 11/12 – 10am until 2pm

Hey lovelies,

Politics got you down? Come see what the unregulated caring economy looks like down at Sunnyfield Farm and get some good food and good conversation to help cheer you up.  Support the local food folks working hard to take care of our earth and our community. Localize!
Wild Leavened Breads
NOTE: All of our breads this week will be made with a portion of Lopez grown wheat. We’re experimenting with how best to use the different varieties with the goal that all our whole grain flour will be from Lopez. 
Country Miche – michey
Lopez FullGrain – Really delicious, succulent, flavorful expression of an alternative grain economy powered by passion, curiosity, and love. Four heritage grains, stone milled on island, baked into a power loaf of lasting goodness.
Rainbow Barley – A Lopez Island Grain Project special, a nice light succulent bread chock full of plump hearty chewy colorful healthy barley.
Horsedrawn Rye – Our classic basic rye bread but made entirely with rye grown by Horsedrawn Farm and stone milled by Island Grist. Authentic.
Garlic Herb Foccacia – Rich, oily, snacky, herbs, salty breads.
Gluten Free Pan Loaf – The other side of the coin
Tordus – Just a few for looks.
Wild Leavened Treats
Apple Scones – Loaded with the richness of our Island…seriously we can really pump out the apples!
Gluten Free Apple Oat Scones – Same deal, no gluten.
Cinnamon Roll – the pastry of our dreams.
Savory Hand Pies – Red kuri squash, collards, roast garlic from the preeminent garlic grower Michael Sullivan, roast fennel bulbs, raw cream, parmesan.
Rye Thumbprints – Eat em by the handful
Croissants – Okay, keep your fingers crossed, we’ve been lovingly building this dough for days now, and it’s looking good, but like the most rewarding challenges the possibility of failure is always there. These are wild leavened croissants, made with 50% lopez grown wheat. I don’t want to over-hype them, because if there’s one thing that is guaranteed to ruin a baked good it’s hype. BUT we’re excited.
Apple Fritters – Succulent wild leavened brioche dough, laden with juicy heirloom apples, fried hot in the deep oil. huh? I mean, why not.
There will be a lot of food vendors at the market tomorrow so come hungry, and remember that all of our breads and pastries are just as good if not better the next day and can even be eaten throughout the week.
Love each and every one of you and we will work hard to build an island and a world that lives up to the human potential for love, generosity, inclusivity, and full bellies.
p.s. we’re still taking reservations if you want us to leave something at the bakery or hold it at the market for you just let us know what you’d like and where you’d like to pick it up.