Sunnyfield Market – Back in Action! – Saturday 1/7 – 10am til 2pm

Happy New Year! Happy solstice!
The returning of the light is already starting to be felt, those few extra precious minutes of cool low winter sun drawing us through the coldest days, the north wind whistling through the cracks in our little cabin, scarves pulled tight as we bring in our firewood and keep the bakery oven stoked.
Here we are, entering into our 7th year here on Lopez, baking our breads, growing our kiddos, settling in. We’re feeling the itch of growing pains at Barn Owl and we feel that 2017 will be a year for big decisions and big actions. All of this; from the hot bricks of our oven, to the patches of heritage grain we harvest for the breads, to the heady butteriness of our cinnamon rolls is all a reflection, even a manifestation, of this amazing community and the committed support we’ve gotten from you all.  Ever since Sue Roundy pulled up on her bike to buy a loaf of bread out of the back of our little blue truck in the old market parking lot back in 2011, we’ve been working to keep you all in the most nourishing bread we can come up with. We believe in the work this island is doing and are thankful every day to be a part of it.  Thank you to our lovely bakery staff, Ana Malinoff, Lindsey Cummins, and Neil Hanson. Their dedication, skill, attention to detail, and amazing work ethic make this possible.  Love!
Wild Leavened Breads
Country Miche – big tub of lively bubbly dough, stretchy, full of life, gentle, into the oven, dark and rich, the epitome of the process.
Lopez FullGrain – This weekend is the Cascadia Grains Conference down in Olympia. Nathan went last year, but couldn’t swing it this year. It brings together people who are interested in local grains; growing, breeding, baking, malting, eating, etc. The work we’re up to with the Lopez Grain Project is part of this new crop of farmers and chefs wanting to reintroduce grain as a flavorful, fresh product. This bread is made with Fortuna, Blue Tinge Emmer, Chiddam Blanc de Mars, and Juniper wheat. That’s four different identity preserved, standard height, traditionally bred, ancient/heritage wheats grown, threshed, milled, and baked on Lopez. And the flavor! We had one customer take a bite and say, “wow! and that’s only wheat in there?” Yes!
Ancient Einkorn – We’re retiring our Rainbow Barley for this year and saving our seed for planting out in the spring. In it’s place we’re trying out a rich succulent bread chock full of the nutty, grassy, lovely ancient taste of Einkorn. The very first domesticated grain.
Rosemary – A summer favorite, but something out the subtle herb aromas seemed perfect for a bowl of hot winter soup or gamey venison stew. To health!
Gluten Free Pan Loaf – The other side of the coin
Garlic Herb Foccacia – Oily salty herby yummy.
Wild Leavened Treats
Heritage Apple Scones – A lively mix of island grown apples, half are roasted in the searing flames of our oven, half are sliced fresh, all tossed with rich cinnamon and sugar.
Gluten Free Apple Oat Scones – Same deal, no gluten.
Cinnamon Roll – Our unique and oddly satisfying take on the cinnamon roll. Fermented locally grown Chiddam Blanc flour, rolled up and slathered with butter, cinnamon and sugar. Topped with a nutrient dense butter, cream cheese, and maple syrup icing.
Rye Thumbprints – Eat em by the handful
Sourdough Croissants – A irresistible challenge for us, virtually unheard of in other bakeries, so far we’ve just been loving the unique chewy flavor of this layered buttery delights.
Savory Twists – Our croissant dough, cleverly twisted up with caramelized onion, mozzarella, Sunnyfield goat feta, and winter greens. Sweet, savory, crispy, yummy.
Looks like we’ll have good weather tomorrow, See you all there!
There will be a lot of food vendors at the market tomorrow so come hungry, and remember that all of our breads and pastries are just as good if not better the next day and can even be eaten throughout the week.
Nathan, Sage, Eden, and Skye
p.s. we’re still taking reservations if you want us to leave something at the bakery or hold it at the market for you just let us know what you’d like and where you’d like to pick it up.