Barn Owl at the Sunnyfield Market 1/21 10am til 2pm

Hi folks,

Well, there was much debate about whether we should have the market tomorrow what with all the marches and rallies going on, but we decided we’d just keep with the schedule and keep doing what we do, making top notch wholesome food to keep our community nourished and happy. It’s a political weekend though, no denying that, with the absurdist spectacle of Trump’s inauguration hanging like a dark cloud over our day,
Which is to say, in polite company, it’s not always easy or appropriate to discuss politics, but given the charged atmosphere and the high stakes this time around, let’s talk politics!  Pipelines, earth justice, standing up for the vulnerable, sick people unable to pay for the healthcare they need, protesting is not a crime, women’s rights, religious tolerance and freedom, being kind, gentle, and humble in the face of the overwhelming forces of greed and capitalism.
If you’re not marching then come on down to Sunnyfield Farm and get inspired, riled up, angry, enthusiastic, and fed.
Here’s the line-up
Wild Leavened Breads
Country Miche – big tub of lively bubbly dough, stretchy, full of life, gentle, into the oven, dark and rich, the epitome of the process.
Lopez FullGrain – All heritage Lopez wheats.
Ancient Einkorn – Loved this bread last week! Can’t wait!
Fancy Buns – Onion, sesame, poppy, yum.
Gluten Free Pan Loaf – The other side of the coin
Garlic Herb Foccacia – Oily salty herby yummy.
Wild Leavened Treats
Heritage Apple Scones – A lively mix of island grown apples, half are roasted in the searing flames of our oven, half are sliced fresh, all tossed with rich cinnamon and sugar.
Gluten Free Apple Oat Scones – Same deal, no gluten.
Cinnamon Roll – Our unique and oddly satisfying take on the cinnamon roll. Fermented locally grown Chiddam Blanc flour, rolled up and slathered with butter, cinnamon and sugar. Topped with a nutrient dense butter, cream cheese, and maple syrup icing.
Rye Thumbprints – Eat em by the handful
Sourdough Croissants – A irresistible challenge for us, virtually unheard of in other bakeries, so far we’ve just been loving the unique chewy flavor of this layered buttery delights.
Savory Twists – Our croissant dough, cleverly twisted up with caramelized onion, mozzarella, Sunnyfield goat feta, and winter greens. Sweet, savory, crispy, yummy.
Apple Buns – Using our rich and buttery croissant dough, we layer in stewed cinnamon apples and spiral it all up into something very close to absolute deliciousness.
Savory Hand Pies – After a long hiatus we’re going to bring a few of these back. Oven roasted onion, sundried tomatoes, winter greens, garlic, Sunnyfield feta, mozzarella.
Love ya all,
Sage Anne Dilts