Barn Owl at the Village Winter Market – 10am til 2pm – Join us!

Hi all,

We’ll be bringing our baked goods down the hill to market tomorrow. This will be the last market of the year at the Lopez Coffee Roaster’s beautiful old shipyard joinery building so come on out, enjoy the spring weather, and support local producers, chefs, and artisans.

Wild Leavened Breads
Country Miche – A centerpiece in its own right, ready for the sunny dinners and nettle pesto of Spring.
Lopez FullGrain – A very tender and bouncy crumb, the sweet savor of your island grains. Featuring four heritage grains, blended together for balanced flavor and maximum delicious crumb. One of a kind.
Einkorn Apricot – We’ve been getting lots of requests for this bread since we tried it out a few markets back. Big time flavor and succulent crumb, an immediate crowd favorite.
Fancy Buns – Onion, sesame, poppy, everything!
Country Bread – A nice new blend of 50% white flour and 50% Lopez grown Fortuna wheat flour, plenty of water makes it a succulent and opalescent bread.
Gluten Free Pan Loaf – People have been calling us to get this mailed to them, so y’all are lucky ducks.
Flatbreads – Last market these were like, whoa. Roasted sibley squash from Jim Birkemeier’s seed, grown by Horsedrawn, fennel seed from Midnight’s Farm, caramelized onion, fresh kale shoots. Simply delicious.
Wild Leavened Treats
Apple Scones – Nice apples from Fruit City, all done up right with cinnamon and sugar in our whole grain scone dough.
Gluten Free Apple Oat Scones – Same deal, no gluten.
Cinnamon Roll – Nothing pleases us more than sneaking into the bakery on Sunday morning and eating the leftovers…If we’re lucky.
Rye Thumbprints – Eat em by the handful
Sourdough Croissants – A irresistible challenge for us, virtually unheard of in other bakeries, so far we’ve just been loving the unique chewy flavor of this layered buttery delights. We’ve heard lots of praise that often compares them to what you got in France…so that’s a good start!
Savory Twists – Our croissant dough, cleverly twisted up with caramelized onion, mozzarella, Sunnyfield goat feta, and winter greens. Sweet, savory, crispy, yummy.
Apple Buns – Using our rich and buttery croissant dough, we layer in stewed cinnamon apples and spiral it all up into something very close to absolute deliciousness. There is a tang in the dough that makes it all come together, dontcha think?
Love ya all,
p.s. if you’d like to reserve something just e-mail.