Barn Owl Bakery at the Village Farmer’s Market, Saturday 8/26 10am to 2pm

Well tomorrow Nathan finishes his 35th year and I start mine. It will be a busy day of bread delivery, family, daily chores, getting ready for the market like usual and grain threshing! Are you just so very interested in seeing this process and even getting to help out? There is actually an important and easy job for anyone interested in this step of the local grain;  after Steve has cut and bound it we need to pull out the weedy bits and any errant varieties of grain before threshing, it’s known as “roguing.” FUN!  Nathan will be threshing tomorrow and Sunday, get in touch with an email if you want to help or even just swing by and check it out.
We are so in love with our breads and our work, we love you too! See you Saturday.
Wild Leavened Breads
Miche – the centerpiece of Lopezian tables. We learned that the root meaning of the word ‘companion’ is “with whom you share bread”
Einkorn Apricot– Our porridge breads have a hearty serving a whole grain gently folded into a tender wheat dough. Adding a savory toothiness that has kind of changed our sense of what bread is.
Seedy Petites – Everything bagel bread.
Rosemary – Fresh from the herb mound. This rosemary smells bread baking.
Sandwich buns- What buns are meant to be.
Rustic Loaf – Unrefined and wholesome
Country – Just a simple bread for simple living.
Lopez Sandwich- Makes the kind of toast you’d want to serve in a little rack on a lace tablecloth with marmalade.
Gluten Free Pan Loaf – Sliced! That rice flour starter really does some heavy lifting.
Rye- so very wholesome and traditional. But with a radical tang.
Flatbreads – Caramelized onion, fresh kale, basil,  zuchinni, tomato, mozzarella, Sunnyfield goat feta and chevre. That tender chewy under and the veggie over…just perfect.
Mountain Bread- The farmer’s market is this bread’s birthplace and home. Find it here only.
Tordu- A gnarly root, a yummy cloud
Wild Leavened Treats
Blueberry Peach Scones- So we served these this week in a meeting about building a bigger bakery. We knew with each bite, we were on the right track.
Gluten Free Blueberry Peach Oat Scones – These guys are fruit maximalists.
Maple Vanilla Cream Cheese Cinnamon Roll – For a few summers we stopped making these because it just didn’t seem to fit the mood and the season. That never happened this year. It’s been an odd one for sure. Luckily we have this treat each week for you to make it through!
Rye Thumbprints – a pure and wholesome treat. House-made Blackberry jam.
Sourdough Croissants – We took these on our less-than-24 hr camping trip to Waldron a couple weeks ago…woke up outside and ate them with Sunnyfield Chevre and Jones smoke salmon. I highly recommended situation all around….
Chocolate Croissants: Back to a more traditional experience. Heavenly nonetheless.
Savory handpies– Second breakfast, first lunch. gobble them. savor them. The dough itself is too good, you’re such lucky ducks, you don’t even know.
Blueberry Lemon Curd Galettes and Peach Galettes –  Now is the time for this beautiful fruit!
If you’d like us to hold something just give an email with what and please specify pickup at the bakery or at the market. And cross your fingers we remember!
Barn Owls