Barn Owl Breads and Goodies at the Farmer’s Market 10am to 2pm

This is a very very exciting time of year if you’re a baker. This is the time of the grain harvest. All over the world, right now, people are repeating the millenia old movements and actions,  bringing in the grain. For us, this is the time of year when the type of breads we bake for the next year are set. The quality and quantity of the wheat we harvest will determine the character of the bread, and so far, it’s looking great!
Ron Norman and Steve Lillestol harvested  Fortuna, Chiddam Blanc, and Cara Cara last week, it’s cleaned and ready to mill and looks like it has good quality. Keep your eye out for Barn Owl’s first bagged flour, perfect for pies, cookies, and pancakes.  Ken over at Horsedrawn cut and cleaned his Fortuna and rye. Then, with the help of Steve Lillestol and his beautiful old machinery we got our variety trials/seed expansions cut and bound into tidy bundles of wheat and stooked in the field.  Then, over the course of the next five days, the tireless Michael Sullivan and I ran it all through our sweet little thresher unit we imported from China last winter. It worked great!  We harvested  3/4 of an acre of wheat, comprised of 10 heritage varieties, and produced roughly 1000lbs of seed. Success! The last grain to come in will be the Rainbow barley mix and Blue Tinge emmer that Wayne Shu is growing for us, but the weather looks amenable and the grain looks good, so keep your eye out for all these beautiful and delicious old varieties of grain to show up in your baked goods.
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Wild Leavened Breads
Miche – The moon eclipses the sun, the miche rises in the darkness, the light breaks through, it is baked.
Einkorn Apricot– Sweet and supple, filled with the nutty pop of the most ancient of grains and the most earthy of fruits. A bread for flnting tools and toasting on a rock by a fire by the sea.
Seedy Petites – So, here’s the concept, get this, you know everything bagels right? Like the sesame, poppy, onion, fennel, goodness? Well, now imagine that same goodness, but in and on a bread! Voila!
Rosemary – Sometimes if you want to make a lamb stew with some of the finest lamb in the world from right here on Lopez, you’ll want this bread. Or sometimes if you have a whole tub of Sunnyfield chevre and you just want to eat it for dinner, you’ll want this bread.
Sandwich buns- What buns are meant to be.
Rustic Loaf – All whole grains.
Country – Nothin fancy here, just a touch of Lopez grown wheat all mixed up and ready to go.
Lopez Sandwich- Makes the kind of toast you’d want to serve in a little rack on a lace tablecloth with marmalade.
Gluten Free Pan Loaf – Sliced! That rice flour starter really does some heavy lifting.
Rye- The bread of my ancestors, cool maritime summers, dark northern winters, the solid fortitude of rye, growing in the cracks among the seaweed.
Flatbreads – Caramelized onion, fresh kale, basil,  zuchinni, tomato, mozzarella, Sunnyfield goat feta and chevre. That tender chewy under and the veggie over…just perfect.
Mountain Bread- Actually quite functional when climbing a mountain!
Tordu- Like the barrel of a wave, totally gnarly.
Wild Leavened Treats
Blackberry Peach Scones
-or- Strawberry Scones- We’re fruit rich!
Gluten Free Blackberry Peach Oat Scones – Oat is such a pleasing grain, fill it with fruit.
Maple Vanilla Cream Cheese Cinnamon Roll – For a few summers we stopped making these because it just didn’t seem to fit the mood and the season. That never happened this year. It’s been an odd one for sure. Luckily we have this treat each week for you to make it through!
Rye Thumbprints – a pure and wholesome treat. House-made Blackberry jam.
Sourdough Croissants – we’ve hit our stride with this this summer, just so you know, each of those layers is pressed by hand….
Chocolate Croissants: Oh. My. Ganache.
Savory handpies– Second breakfast, first lunch. gobble them. savor them. The dough itself is too good, you’re such lucky ducks, you don’t even know.
Blueberry Lemon Curd Galettes and Peach Galettes –  Now is the time for this beautiful fruit!
If you’d like us to hold something just give an email with what and please specify pickup at the bakery or at the market. And cross your fingers we remember!
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