Sunnyfield Farmer’s Market – Saturday 11/25 – 10am til 2pm – Give Thanks for Local Food!

We’ve got bellies full from delicious feasting and sweet holiday cheer. We hope the same for all of you, and we are so thankful for you as gracious, enthusiastic bread eating folk!
It’s a bustling weekend for many, hosting friends and family, gathering locally crafted gifts and supporting the Preschool, and we’ll be in there too at Sunnyfield Farm, so join us and get just the right goodies to pair with your leftover feast and fabulous lunch options to get you through the day.
,Here’s what we’ll have…
Wild Leavened Breads
Miche – Just the name sounds like an expression for delicious.
Lopez Sandwich- made angelically light with half Lopez Grown Cara Cara white wheat. You’ll be delighted and dedicated eaters of this bread…
Gluten Free Pan Loaf – So far as we can tell, the best non-bread bread you can find!
Country- The go to, standby, best friend bread.
Fortuna Hearth – This years wheat is baking up beautifully, so much time and attention went in to the process of the soil to seed to flour to loaf, you can taste it. This grain was grown by Ron Norman over at Stonecrest Farms, cleaned and milled by Steve Lillestol at Island Grist, and baked right here, then we’ll haul it down the road to Sunnyfield. From seed to loaf in a couple square miles. 🙂
Mountain Bread –     rich and full of all the goodness we can muster, a bread for wood chopping, animal skinning, canning, repairing roofs, and such, getting ready for the coming cold times.
Tordu-  bike away with it sticking out of your basket and feel totally authentic.
Olive Oil Rosemary Salt Rolls – just a little something.
Wild Leavened Treats
Buttery Apple Scones- These are the stable friends of fall…
Gluten Free Apple Oat Scones – Oat is such a pleasing grain, fill it with fruit.
Maple Vanilla Cream Cheese Cinnamon Roll – Eat with black coffee or strong tea and get something done.
Sourdough Croissants – layers of love and labor.
Chocolate Croissants: what civilization is for.
Savory Croissant Twist: If you really want to know what to do with leftover turkey…this is it. Sliced on the long end, mayo, go.
Savory handpies– While there might be plenty of hot food at the market this week you can pick up a couple of these for your picnic lunch on Sunday at the top of Chadwick or down on the cliffs of Shark Reef.
Pear Custard Crumble Galettes –  These are just downright enjoyable, a nice thick layer of egg rich pastry cream on our signature yogurt Kamut pastry crust, topped with heritage pears and then sprinkled with buttery oat crumbles. zipedee-doo-daa!
Lopez Shortbread- with a beautiful whole grain Chiddam wheat, grown right on Stonecrest Farm. Butter. Butter. Butter. See what your island can grow…
Sunnyfield Farm
6363 FIsherman Bay Rd.
Follow signs for parking….
If you’d like us to hold something just give an email with what and please specify pickup at the bakery or at the market. And cross your fingers we remember!
in humble thanks,
Barn Owls