Barn Owl welcomes back the light! Little Winter Market – Dec 23rd – 10am until 2pm

Dear beloved bread customers,
Happy solstice!!!!
We’re going to squeeze in one last hurrah of a market before this turbulent and sometimes worrisome year draws to a close.  There’s lots to keep a person awake at night nowadays and figuring out how to hold the weight of our world sometimes seems like more than should be expected of a person. So I turn to the little things, the things that rise up unannounced and without guile from the eternal cycles of our earth, the things that are beautiful because they are older than beauty. Frost feathers cutting across the cold windshield as the car warms up, the irresistible pull of puddles for toddlers, the exhilaration of seeing breath like dragon’s smoke in the cold morning air as the kindling flies every which a way, fire, the moon, always the moon, bare feet dancing on the ground, birds of all kinds, busy in their air-world, newborn babies, good mud, hot water, cold water, clean water, walking water, salty water, swans with their heads down in the muck, clouds filled up with a million tons of water. What a gift to have the body and space and time to see and feel all these things in a day.  So happy to be celebrating the returning of the light once again.
Thank you all so very much for a wonderful bakery year. We love calling this island home and are continually humbled and blessed by your support of our little business.  Here’s to a rip roaring, fantastically hopeful, nothing but blue skies, 2018.
We’ll have a slightly abbreviated selection of breads on Saturday as we’re cramming in more than we should this week and are keeping things “simple.”
Wild Leavened Breads
Lopez Sandwich- Simple sliced sandwich bread.
Gluten Free Pan Loaf – So far as we can tell, the best non-bread bread you can find!
Solstice Country- Like our regular country, but big. Perfect for holidays, visiting, stocking up, and feasting.
Fortuna Hearth –  From seed to loaf in a couple square miles. 🙂 This bread has been going fast, we can tell when you get to the table; local, whole grain bread is your bell ringing
Mountain Bread –     rich and full of all the goodness we can muster, a bread for wood chopping, animal skinning, canning, repairing roofs, and such, getting ready for the coming cold times.
Tordu-  our winter spiral
Horsedrawn Rye – old world
Wild Leavened Treats
Buttery Apple Scones- These are the stable friends of fall…
Gluten Free Apple Oat Scones – Oat is such a pleasing grain, fill it with fruit.
Maple Vanilla Cream Cheese Cinnamon Roll – Eat with black coffee or strong tea and get something done.
Chocolate Croissants: what civilization is for.
Savory Croissant Twist: If you really want to know what to do with leftover turkey…this is it. Sliced on the long end, mayo, go.
Savory handpies– While there might be plenty of hot food at the market this week you can pick up a couple of these for your picnic lunch on Sunday at the top of Chadwick or down on the cliffs of Shark Reef.
Cherry Custard Galettes –  A little saved summer treat with a nice thick layer of egg rich pastry cream on our signature yogurt Kamut pastry crust, remember the warmth with this one.
Lopez Shortbread- Back to the original recipe, Skagit grown white Sonoran wheat, a hint of rosemary.
Sunnyfield Farm
6363 FIsherman Bay Rd.
Follow signs for parking….
If you’d like us to hold something just give an email with what and please specify pickup at the bakery or at the market. And cross your fingers we remember!