Barn Owl Bread and Goodies at the Grange this Saturday (1/20) 10am-2pm

Not quite a month since our last market and already there is much more light! Outside chores and playtime are lit up just a little longer, and what a difference it makes. We’re also out of the barn this time around and in a civilized shelter (no offence goats, your digs are sweet!), indoors with heat and light and  such things…and just as we were all getting so tough and wintery…more light and warmth and walls, we’re getting spoiled! The Grange is hosting monthly markets indoors with music and all your favorite food folks, we’re really looking forward to it.
But we can taste it already …a warm treat from a warm room, just in time, because Saturday is likely to be wet. Thank you Grange!
Simplicity is a Barn Owl goal for 2018, so we’re starting to limit the range of stuff on the table and the shelves (how else are we going to make it through the summer?)… But don’t worry, what you do find will be so just the right thing, you won’t even know what’s missing.
Check out below what we’ll have to offer and we’ll see your shining face on Saturday.
(Extra Credit Reading…We now have all (ALL!) of our past bread e-mails on our website on the blog (labeled “woodshed” on the menu) Even down to those first ones for those of you tracking us at the old LVM parking lot and in the milkshed at Midnight’s Farm, it’s been a sweet story of almost 300 posts! Lots of different ways to hear about bread if you’re short on internet reading!)
Wild Leavened Breads
Miche We sort of wonder what a vacation is good for when this bread is not to be found…
Lopez Sandwich- Sliced to perfection
Gluten Free Pan Loaf – So far as we can tell, the best non-bread bread you can find!
Super Seedy- A favorite of the summer, welcome back!
Fortuna Hearth –  From seed to loaf in a couple square miles. Such a satisfying flavor and a good story from soil to toast.
Mountain Bread –  Sometimes putting a whole bunch of stuff in a bread comes out just right…stock up!
Tordu-  spiraling on to Spring
Horsedrawn Rye – Sometimes putting nothing much in a bread but one farmer’s flour, salt and water comes out just right; ancestor bread.
Wild Leavened Treats
Buttery Apple Scones- This island makes the best apples to carry the light of one spring onto the next one. Light it shine!
Gluten Free Apple Oat Scones – Oat is such a pleasing grain, fill it with fruit.
Maple Vanilla Cream Cheese Cinnamon Roll – Even when we think somethings gone wrong with these, it always turns out to be a twist of something even better…they might be perfection.
Chocolate Croissants: Tops. Serious labor goes into these; skill and muscle. We don’t know where else you would find this thing in the world anymore. Let us know if you do, and we’ll go there.
Savory Croissant Twist: We understand it doesn’t really sell a food to tell you that it’s delicious a week old…but that doesn’t make it un-true and it must imply how delightful it is made that morning.
Savory handpies– Rich and satisfying with deep veggie delight.
Strawberry Galettes –  Another saved summer treat with a nice thick layer of egg rich pastry cream on pastry crust made with Lopez grown wheat. The fresh berries will be back soon enough, but its nice to have a little reminder of what we have in store.
Lopez Shortbread- We understand, again, a selling point is not “you can only eat so much of it without feeling bad” and we won’t share why we know this…but again, not un-true and that one or two first ones feel so good.
Our very best regards and wishes,
Barn Owlies