Barn Owl Goodies at the Lopez Grange Market! – Saturday 3/10- 10am til 2pm

Coming out of winter gives us a quickening of the heart. It feels so sweet to connect to the earth coming alive again, to peek at the green glowing flash of leaf out of the bud, realize the frogs are filling up the airspace, the feel of the sun longer and earlier, life re-balancing with darkness. Persephone and Demeter coming back together, swelling the grain, reminding us that death, stillness, darkness, is life in a state of potential.
And while we aren’t out spilling the blood of new goats for the goddesses we are celebrating women today in our more modern (and maybe less meaningful) way. But nothing really changes, women and food production are still deeply connected and while we understand the challenges, we also celebrate this role and the women making bread…they are a special lot!
You can get the following on Saturday! (Along with lots of other yummy food and cheer at the Grange, see you then!)
Wild Leavened Breads
Miche Companion bread.
Lopez Sandwich- Using our Lopez grown Cara Wheat we’ve created a light loaf that is sliced bread perfection. Its top shelf in toast and sammies.
Gluten Free Pan Loaf – Naturally Leavened rice flour  and a whole grain porridge make this wheat-free bread a real delight when you’re gluten free living.
Fortuna Hearth –  100% Lopez Whole Grain is this bread’s story, from tiller to toast.
Mountain Bread-  It’s back for its fans, a staple for sure.
Tordu-  spiraling on to Spring
Horsedrawn Rye – There is a purity in this bread that you can taste just beyond the complexity of the fermented flavors. 
Wild Leavened Treats
Apple Scones with summer dried blueberries- We have been loving how much we have been able to use all that we put up this summer. It has made the wait for rhubarb all that much easier, and we often can’t keep up with the Lopez abundance.
Gluten Free Apple Currant Oat Scones – Sweet milky oats and apples, feast like the deer. Currants too!
Maple Vanilla Cream Cheese Cinnamon Roll – Dense and sticky and sweet, whole grains and whole fats.
Chocolate Croissants: naturally leavened croissants are gaining popularity
Savory Croissant Twist – Indulgent Lunch
Savory handpies– Rich and satisfying with deep veggie delight. Kamut Yogurt dough to get you through your afternoon chores.
Heritage Italian Plum Custard Galettes –  Another saved summer treat with a nice thick layer of egg rich pastry cream on pastry crust made with Lopez grown wheat.
Apple Cinnamon Spirals- This is a favorite and it’s back and pretty much speaks for itself. Gobbleable…yes!
Lopez Shortbread- At home on a blustery rocky isle is this Scottish traditional treat.
Our love and light,
Barn Owlies