Barn Owl Breads at the Saturday Grange Market 4/21 from 10am to 2pm

This Saturday holds lots of gatherings and celebrations so make sure to stop by the Grange for snacks and treats before turning into some other species and parading around! Our little family will also be celebrating the turn of 2 years since Skye was born on a sunny April day here in the granary.  We’re amazed and transformed everyday with our kiddos. They’ll be with us as usual at the Grange (We’ll try to convince Skye to wear something other than his birthday suit if the sun is out), and here’s what else we’ll bring.
Wild Leavened Breads
Country Bread-  The daily bread
Big Country – A 3lb loaf of top shelf bread experience, for the truly dedicated sandwich makers, toast connoisseurs, soup dunkin wild ones, family feeding, table-groaning-under-the-weight-of-the-farm-dinner, kinda folks.
Lopez Sandwich- Using our Lopez grown Cara Wheat we’ve created a light loaf that is sliced bread perfection. Its top shelf in toast and sammies.
Cherry Walnut Einkorn– a fun porridge loaf with Lopez cherries dried last summer and Birkemeier Walnuts
Fortuna Hearth –  100% Lopez Whole Grain is this bread’s story, from tiller to toast.
Mountain Bread-  It’s back for its fans, a staple for sure.
Tordu-  spiraling on to Spring
Gluten Free Pan Loaf – Naturally Leavened rice flour  and a whole grain porridge make this wheat-free bread a real delight when you’re gluten free living.
Wild Leavened Treats
Apple Scones with summer dried cherries- a little mash-up of the flavors of summer and late fall stored through the winter…all in time for Spring!
Gluten Free Apple Cherry Scones – a delightful wedge of sweet oats and fruit
Maple Vanilla Cream Cheese Cinnamon Roll – Dense and sticky and sweet, whole grains and whole fats.
Chocolate Croissants: naturally leavened croissants are all the rage now…because of course they are superlative.
Savory Croissant Twist – get your greens and pastry fill in one bite!
Savory handpies– Rich and satisfying with deep veggie delight. Turkey Red heritage grain Yogurt dough to get you through your afternoon chores.
Rhubarb Custard Galettes – The first blush of spring, effervescent and sparkling, tart and aromatic, the season of the rhubarb is here.
Lopez Shortbread- At home on a blustery rocky isle is this Scottish traditional treat, made with all Lopez grown Cara sprouted whole grain flour.
Blueberry Lemon Spirals- We saved this for last for those dedicated readers. You won’t want to miss this treat, the layers are beyond and the flavors are perfect.
Our love and light,
Barn Owlies