Barn Owls Hold Steady – Farmer’s Market – July 14th (!) – 10am til 2pm

Hey Bread People
Nothing much new to report here. Nathan’s been sick this week, it’s been hot, so we’re going to keep this one simple. Just a friendly reminder: there are in fact farmers at the farmers market! Both Rose Root Farms and Goosefoot Produce have been bringing really lovely, reliable, top-shelf produce to market. That’s the real deal. Grown here on Lopez organically with love by young folks tending the soil putting their heart and soul into a highly underpaid profession all because they believe in the power and beauty of well stewarded soil and healthy communities. They’re also our friends, so come on down and get your veg. The flavor of a freshly harvested July carrot alone is worth braving the crowds and paying the extra buck.
See you Saturday!
Wild Leavened Breads
Village Country Bread-  This bread serves life our Lopez life so well. Hearty and also light, filling on its own, a good foundation for other flavors, nourishing with nothing we don’t need. Organic through and through. 
Miche – invite all your friends for dinner…
Rosemary petite- A little bread to top you over on flavor and fill out your summer meal
Seedy Petite- packed with flavor, great for sitting in the shade and nibbling
Millet Apricot– okay we might make a different porridge bread, but so far we’re enjoying this one too much. Pan fried in butter makes instant jam toast. It’s heavenly. Let us know if you have any other favorites you want to try before market season is up…
Lopez Levain –  All whole grain, hearty heritage grain, delightful flavors of the full range of whole grain. Grown, threshed, milled, baked, on Lopez. Wow.
Mountain Bread-  our danish style rye, ready for adventures in the wild or a lazy Sunday tea break at home. 
Tordu-  slice long for sandwiches, slice short for crowds.
Cara Sandwich –  Use this bread for a toad in the hole sometime this week, you’ll be quite pleased.
Gluten Free Sliced– Whole grain, no gluten, wild leavened… look no further. 
Wild Leavened Treats
Raspberry blueberry scones- Hey, we made it into full on summer! With an array of fruit to enjoy and share. Lopez raspberries and blueberries tucked into our whole grain naturally leavened dense and buttery scone dough. Makes a summertime tea complete. 
Gluten Free Raspberry Blueberry Scones – a delightful wedge of sweet oats and fruit.

Maple Vanilla Cream Cheese Cinnamon Roll – These spirals warm your soul.
Croissants – Naturally leavened is a feat when it comes to the architectural marvel of laminated doughs like the one that creates croissants. Wild yeasts have to be managed just right to do the kind of heavy lifting that isolated commercial yeast does (all while providing more flavor and dough strengthening, and digestibility to boot). We have a special starter just for these doughs that are prepared for a slightly sweet environment. Give thanks to the mother. 
Chocolate Croissants:  kind of just a really delightful eating experience.
Savory Croissant Twist – get your greens and pastry fill in one bite!
Savory handpies–  A picnic in the waiting.  Roasted squash & beets, tons of greens, caramelized onion, 3 cheeses, herbs, garlic. All island grown veggies from Goosefoot Produce, Horsedrawn Farms, Midnight’s Farm and C’s Greens. 
Flatbreads – “pizza bread” said a customer this week. Maybe redundent but why not? we sort of think of it as “lunch bread” or “garden bread”…loaded with island grown veggies from all our friends at Horsedrawn Farms, Goosefoot Produce, Rose Root Farms, Midnight’s Farm, Sunnyfield Goat Dairy. We couldn’t do any of this beautiful foot without you. 
Raspberry Custard Galettes – A generous scoop of berries riding atop a bed of rich custard made with Henstooth eggs. Half island grown wheat.