Barn Owl Bakery’s Fresh Bread Farmstand 1/23, 9am til dusk – Fresh Bread & Pastries

Alright, we get it, not everyone is in Mexico/Hawaii and we should bake some more goodies. We will! and Thanks for coming out, supporting our work and taking us through the winter. We are halfway to Spring this week! And while we don’t think we’ve ever seen salmonberry blossoms and daffodils in January, we are reminded by our ancient traditions that this week was considered the start of Spring and the week were we fortell how much more winter we have to bear. Seems like this year, not much! So it’s not too early to give some blessings for new birth and new beginning and delight in the warmth and buds. Though in many ways we also can’t help but feel this shift towards the warmer, the way our energy intensive lives seems to be forcing things awake, eschewing times of rest, speeding up and foregoing the stillness of age and winter for the busy youth of Spring. Ancient or modern, rhythm or abberance?
Here’s what we will have tomorrow at the bakery, on Midnight’s Farm, 3042 Center Rd, second little building on the left. Starting 9am-ish and going til it’s sold out.
Quinoa Winter Squash Bread 🎃  Filling and so trendy, and maybe like a fallback vegan potluck dish, but also traditional sacred foods of indigenous folks for thousands of years. And you can toast it with butter! come find out! 
💪Sourdough Croissants  and their 💥Chocolate  😍variation, these really are pretty special 25 minutes out of the oven. Heritage grain, whole pastured butter, goodness.
Apple cinnamon Scones👌 their Gluten Free👏 Oat variation (also the GF have Cherries)
😎Savory veggie hand pies🙌 – a quick savory bite loaded with island grown goodness straight from the farms of Lopez, all local!
Rosemary Shortbread! 🌾💕
Blueberry buns, apple buns, a few puff pastry pizzas, rye cookies…
And who knows what else!
Mostly self serve, Arthur will be around to field any pressing concerns, we’ll see you all tomorrow! Feel free to have stuff set aside…