Barn Owl at the Lopez Grange – 1/30/19 -10am til 2pm

Hey dear folks,
We spin right around once more, a fortnight has passed us by, and we’re all raring to go on another grange market. 
Nathan got back from the Cascadia Grains Conference on Sunday all fired up about our local grain economy and the fun stuff we’re doing up here on Lopez with Steve Lillestol at Island Grist and our island farmers. After a very full night and day of dinner, workshops, sessions, and back to back conversations with all sorts of folks from all over, one thing became very clear: We live in a very special community that has the generosity, skills, land, and enthusiasm to see an island grain system built from the ground up, and here at Barn Owl we’re thrilled to be big part of that.  We also realized just how unique what we’re doing is in the region. To have a fully vertically integrated grain system in just a few square miles that grows only the most nutritious and delicious heritage grains in a way that respects the soil and the work of everyone involved, then turns those beautiful grains into all organic baked goods to nourish that same community… We all have something really special and this is a story that resonates with people, that holds promise for the future of rural communities and agriculture, and that just tastes good!
What a great turn of events that our Lopez Grange is hosting these winter markets, once again being a hub for agriculture and farmers for our island. Beautiful! Can’t wait to see and feed you Saturday…
Here’s what we have planned:
Wild Leavened Breads
Village Country Bread-  Slab off a thick slice, fry it on the griddle with unheard of quantities of fresh organic pastured butter, sprinkle with San Juan sea salt…Tea and Toast, the simple delights of life!
Miche – Like the last two full moons; round and generous, luminous, and loving. The whole island howled. 
Sunflower Apple- chock full, the nicest nibbles from orchard and garden. 
Heritage Hearth –  heady flavor and real nutrition.
Tordu-  French for twisted, also like a crazy idea or a bizarre story. Like where the baker takes a perfectly lovely dough, shapes it into a very nice, even, respectable baguette, then at the last minute rings it up like a wet towel and calls it good!
Raisin Oat Sliced! –  Something fun for your tea and toast time..soaked rolled oats and raisins bedded up in our light country dough, all square and ready to toast or eat by the slice.
Gluten Free Sliced– Whole grains, no gluten, wild leavened… joy fills those who take it home.
Mountain Bread – The classic dense Danish style rye bread, loaded up with seeds, whole grains, plump raisins, beer, and a pinch of honey. A sweet/savory decadent way to begin a day. We promise to make more this week, so if you missed it last time, try again or better yet, send us a note to hold one!
Wild Leavened Treats
Blueberry Buns- You may have tried these over at Isabel’s Coffeehouse where they have been a great delight and compliment to the beverages there. There is some debate in the bakery as to the style of these: more sparse dried blueberry crumble scattered across the dough (called “sprinkles” by those who make it…) or the saucy jammy mess spread over the whole thing before being rolled up…but lucky for you we can’t decide so it’s currently both. Blueberries two ways! In a cosmic, contemplative, spiral archetype. 
Puff Pastry Pizzas – We debuted these at the last market and they seemed to be a big hit. We’re always brainstorming ways of using more Lopez grown produce, and these seem to fit the bill. A layer of our signature wild leavened laminated croissant dough, topped with a nest of peak seasonal veggies. This week it’s cider brined horsedrawn carrots and nigella, on leeks beets and greens roasted up… with some other touches of island flavor magic, see if you can guess!
Lopez Apple Scones
The heritage fruit trees on our little island are truly a treasure. Having the good fortune to bake with the apples that come from our ancient old deep rooted windswept half rotted too-tall trees is a real treat. Twigg Farm and Birkemeier apples here, with Chickadee Farm pears.
Gluten Free Apple Dried Cherry Scones – Rich oat goodness, loaded up with Midnight Farm’s apples and fresh grated ginger. 
Maple Vanilla Cream Cheese Cinnamon Roll – All whole grain, all island grown heritage grains, all organic, all pastured dairy, a heart warming treat perfect with a hot beverage on a grey day. 
Chocolate Croissants:  naturally leavened to bring the tang with the sweet…
Savory Handpies–  A perfect snack for when breakfast seems so long ago and lunch just seems like it’ll never get here, or buy 5, make a green salad, and serve them for dinner. 
Lopez Cherry Custard Galette – Not to be missed…treasures from summer and a rich vanilla custard of Stonecrest Farm egg yolks and whole pastured milk. 
Sprouted Lopez Wheat Shortbread-  A simple and rich traditional treat. Made Lopez style with local whole grain and intrepid hearty rosemary.