Come eat well and stock up at the Grange Market Saturday 3/23 from 10-2

Hello and Happy Spring! I think we have welcomed the return of the chorus frogs with this newsletter six times now. Somehow I just can’t let the season start without sharing it with our community, who has been falling asleep to the same sounds of Spring. We also saw our first newt of the season, crossing a road, but we stopped in time and got the dear one out of the way. We Brake For Newts!

All of us in the bakery are having such a fun time putting together all these breads and pastries and dreaming up what life in the new bakery will be like and what more we will be able to do. We’re plugging away over at Grayling Ln. It has been great to see all of you who have stopped by to see the progress, share stories, help out a bit here and there or lots!

A few more Grange markets until we move into the village for another Farmer’s Market Season in May. Whew! But this week Blake Johnston will be there with his delicious burgers (on our rustic rolls of course!), so that will be a great way to fill your belly this weekend. And Sunnyfield is back after kidding season with the first fresh cheeses of the year. What a delight! Lamb and fruit and nuts and granola and all kinds of good folks…

Get going to the Grange on Saturday! Holds are welcome by e-mail, just reply here and we’ll try to remember!

Wild Leavened Breads


Village Country Bread-  Slab off a thick slice, fry it on the griddle with unheard of quantities of fresh organic pastured butter, sprinkle with San Juan sea salt…Tea and Toast, get’s us through the day. 


Miche – Like the those full moons; round and generous, luminous, and loving. The whole island howled. 


Millet Apricot- perfect fried in butter on your heavy iron griddle. 


Heritage Hearth –  heady flavor and real nutrition. The roots of these grains reach deep. 


Tordu-  French for twisted, also like a crazy idea or a bizarre story. Like where the baker takes a perfectly lovely dough, shapes it into a very nice, even, respectable baguette, then at the last minute rings it up like a wet towel and calls it good!


Gluten Free Sliced– Whole grains, no gluten, wild leavened… joy fills those who take it home.


Mountain Bread – The classic dense Danish style rye bread, loaded up with seeds, whole grains, plump raisins, beer, and a pinch of honey. A sweet/savory decadent way to begin or end a day. 


Wild Leavened Treats


Puff Pastry Pizzas – Spring!!! nettle pesto, caramelized onion, Sunnyfield Farm Feta and fresh Spring Greens!


Lopez Apple Cinnamon Scones-We will never turn down an apple scone, eat them all the way to rhubarb season. 


Gluten Free Peach Blueberry Scones – Rich oat goodness, with the labors of summer saved for the slim pickings of early Spring. 


Maple Vanilla Cream Cheese Cinnamon Roll – All whole grain, all island grown heritage grains, all organic, all pastured dairy. It’s a good keeper too!


Chocolate Croissants:  naturally leavened to bring the tang with the sweet…


Savory Handpies–  A perfect snack for when breakfast seems so long ago and lunch just seems like it’ll never get here, or buy 5, make a green salad, and serve them for dinner. Winter squash, caramelized onion, sun-dried tomatoes, kale, mozzarella…


Lopez Apple Struesel Galettes – How would we get through late winter without apples! Fruit City, we thank you!


Sprouted Lopez Wheat Shortbread-  A simple and rich traditional treat. Made Lopez style with local whole grain and intrepid hearty rosemary. 

Strawberry Buns– some summer love peeking in…

And Rye  and Chocolate Chip Cookies!

See you Saturday!