Wednesday Barn Owl Bakery Open House 4/3 from 9am to 2pm-ish

Hello Folks!

Come join your friends and island visitors for some mid-week treats and bread for dinner (toast for breakfast!) tomorrow (April 3rd 9am to 2pm ish) at Midnight’s Farm for our weekley Open House where you can buy fresh bread and pastries right from the bakery.

We will have Country Bread, Millet Apricot Bread (!!) and some (many!) of your favorite pastries, all with whole grains, only naturally leavened, with island produce, and of course all organic all the way. Can’t go wrong… We’ll see you soon, hopefully crossing some paths as we all buzz along our day this busy Spring season…pretty exciting beautiful days we’ve had, and, hey, there is already grain in the ground! 2 acres of Hourani, 2 acres of Bishop, and 7 acres of Fortuna. Let’s hear it for Lopez Grain. ( Those new Heritage Hearth loaves at the store this past week have been mostly Lopez Fortuna Wheat, they were outstanding today!)

We spent last week in California visiting family and baker friends around the Bay Area. Last Wednesday in fact we stopped in at Brickmaiden Breads in Point Reyes for a delightful and informative time with the owner Celine, who is about ten years ahead of us in her baking journey…  about 20 years ago she bought her little bake house with an Alan Scott brick oven  (reminds you of a sweet little bakery on Midnight’s Farm) from Chad Robertson (who went on to start Tartine in SF) a few years ago she gave up the romance and dance of a brick, direct fire oven (meaning you have the fire in the baking chamber and have to emtpy out the ash for baking) and took a leap to a wood-fired deck oven, to save her body and lungs and make the her whole operation more sustainable. We are at a similiar point and looking at this very same wood-fired deck oven. We learned ins and outs of working with this new equipment and toured around where she is taking her bake-space now. There was such a kindred spirit to the whole visit it really was inspiring and bolstering and sobering for all the work that bakers put in for their craft.

We returned to this buzzing time of paperwork and building and planting and moving forward with big work. So with all that ahead plus a hard working crew of wonderful bakers that have been keeping bread on the shelves however many distractions we have coming at us, we decided Barn Owlies need a little break and we will not be doing the rest of the Little Winter Markets at the Grange, so no Saturday bread until the Village Farmer’s Market on May 18th. Please continue to support the Little Market at the Grange for cheese, meat, granola, dried fruit and nuts and the best hazelnut butter you’ll ever have and more! Plus music and sweet company!

Thanks for all your support and see you tomorrow!


Barn Owl Bakery