May Day breads and pastries at Midnight’s Farm 9-2

Happy May Day, an interesting kind of seasonal confluence of the infinite energy of the sun, growth, fertility  of the earth and the needs for limits, rest, respect of the worker. As a business we grow and thrive and as a business we hope to re-balance and support all that makes our growth possible…like the plants do! Flower crowns, dancing, and political theory…it’s our kind of day! Let’s hope, for the plants and our garden labor and grain growing… that this morning frost subsides now that we’re out of April (Anyone else jump the gun on starts from the co-op?)
while you’re out and about tomorrow, maybe smelling lilacs and contemplating workers rights, stop by the bakery at Midnight’s Farm and pick up some fresh breads and pastries. Support your local workers and even have a chat over that $5 pastry!  See you tomorrow!

Country Bread – your daily bread. It’s good old, it’s special fresh.

Millet Apricot- tucked in morsels of toothiness and sweet
Sourdough Croissants and their Chocolate variation – these really are pretty special 25 minutes out of the oven. Heritage grain, whole pastured butter, goodness. Hard to find, and here you are!
Rhubarb Scones -Spring is quietly dipping her toe…
Savory veggie hand pies – a quick savory bite loaded with island grown goodness straight from the farms of Lopez, all local!
Puff Pastry Pizzas – NESTO!
Apple Butter Buns – rich condensed apple butter cinnamon butter, all twisted up in our naturally leavened laminated dough.
Apple Struesel Galettes- can’t go wrong…
Sprouted Lopez Whole Grain Rosemary Shortbread- has a following….
Mostly self serve, Arthur and Ona will be around to field any pressing concerns or delightful conversation, we’ll see you all tomorrow.
Thank you!!!
Barn Owls