Your summer Barn Owl Bakery booth awaits in the village, Saturday 5/17 from 10-2…

Hello Friday night! A big ole moon is rising through the trees and I want to watch it a bit more so I am going to push through the tasks in front of this less than celestial glow…Also, we already e-mailed you this week! We don’t want to overdo it. We are thinking one e-mail on Monday to let you know the line-up for Wednesday and Saturday that week? Thoughts?

Okay, back to the moon for a quick minute though…having lived at Midnight’s Farm now for going on eight years and watching the moon for almost any night it is visable I’ve picked up on a yearly pattern that I wonder if other’s have noted or read about…that the path of the winter moon (particulary, or maybe even only the full moon) follows the path of the summer sun. That is the winter full moon rises way to the NE and sets way to the NW, giving the winter night the full amount of light possible. And I just now, getting close in the year to the summer solstice, I see the almost full moon rising where I remember seeing the winter sun…way to the SE.This thought about the moon balancing the yearly light of the sun just really pulls at something in me… I wonder if it will set way to the SW, giving the summer night less light (an how, because there is enough light this time of year than I can handle!)  Well I’m sure moon observations from tomorrow’s pastry bake will reveal the answer…Oh yes pastries! Here’s the market line up for tomorrow! We can’t wait to see all your Spring faces. Here’s to another great Farmer’s Market! (you’ll find us, gratefully, in the same spot as usual!)

Wild Leavened Breads

Village Country Bread-  The daily bread, and now you can get it almost that often!
Miche – Our full moon bread to be sure…
Seedy Petite- loaded up with the rich protein goodness of toasted sunflower, sesame, poppy seeds with a dash of dried garlic and onion and a crust of fennel. Flavor, nutrition, succulent goodness. We all missed this one on its winter break for sure!
Barley Raisin– Full with plump grains and no lack of raisins (because I almost always write “barely” raisin first, but it’s just not true!)
Lopez Levain –   This is our challenge, this is our passion, this is the risk, this is our chance, this is the culmination of work done by farmers and millers and bakers right here in our community to keep alive the ancient secrets of the grain.  Like any life lived within the constraints of our natural world, sometimes this bread isn’t the easiest path, but it’s always the path that speaks to our hearts, that speaks of love.
Mountain Bread-  I love this bread because you just never know who is going to love it. Nascar baseball caps and steel toed work boots, bright pink glued-on fingernails and sparkly necklaces, twisted dreadlocks and hemp sandals, yoga pants and $1000 hand bags, blue jeans and t-shirts, folks from all over and all walks of life fall in love with this one.
Tordu-  By the basketful
Lopez Sandwich –  A tender and functional send up to the classic white sandwich bread, made with whole grains grown here on island and Skagit grown flour.
Gluten Free Sliced– Whole grains, no gluten, wild leavened… people come from far and wide to hunt this down.
Wild Leavened Treats
Lopez Rhubarb Scones – Really speaks to the simple beauty of Spring
Gluten Free Rhubarb Scones – Nathan is out on the patio hacking the greens of the rhubarb stalks to make these sweeties as I type (under the moon!)
Maple Vanilla Cream Cheese Cinnamon Roll – The icing just makes us so happy.
Croissants – perfection is elusive
Chocolate Croissants – a classy pair for sure
Savory Pesto Twist – get your greens and pastry fill in one bite!
Savory handpies–  We head out to the garden and down to the farmstands and swing by the farmer’s booths at the farmer’s market each week, buying whatever looks good, smoosh it up, and voila, hand pies! Made with our signature heritage grain yogurt pastry dough and filled up with roasted new potatoes, winter squash , caramelized onions, organic mozzarella cheese, garden greens, and herbs.
Flatbreads – all savory goodness with Goosefoot Spinach and Sunnyfield Feta! 
Lopez Rhubarb Custard Gallettes -Because Custard begs for rhubarb and vice versa
Sprouted Lopez Wheat Shortbread-  Hello roses!

Blackcap cheese Danish…Your new treat on the table! And we saved it until the bottom so you loyal readers have first dibs! We dipped into our summer stores to mix up our fruit offering and what better way to enjoy the tart blackcaps than in a cheese-cakey croissantypinwheel delight!

There might also be rye cookies and chocolate chip cookies too! And fancy rolls! it’s hard to get it all in, and I’m going to miss the moon!

with love and peace,
Nathan & Sage and the whole darn fam, and team