Wednesday Farmstand is OPEN! – 9am til 2pm – Midnight’s Farm

Hi everybody!
Last minute email reminding you of our Wednesday farmstand open house here at Midnight’s Farm. The bakery smells great, the pastries look beautiful, the bagels the best they’ve been yet, the bread is stunning, all warm and chock full of organic Lopez grown heritage goodness.

Here’s what we have:

BAGELS! – Our unique all sourdough, long fermented, hand rolled and boiled bagels baked in a wood fired oven. We’ve been trying to remember just how to make these and I think that this week we’re getting back to our targets. Chewy, but not dry, sweet and salty.

Country Bread – the workhorse

Millet Apricot- rich apricot morsels, nutty millet porridge, organic flour all grown within 50 miles of our bakery, amazing!
Sourdough Croissants and their Chocolate variation – these really are pretty special 25 minutes out of the oven. Heritage grain, whole pastured butter, goodness. Hard to find, and here you are!
Rhubarb STRAWBERRY Scones – James down at Mackaye Harbor farm has done it again, the biggest, most beautiful, juiciest, sweetest, unbelievably tasty strawberries, first week of June! AMAZING!
Savory veggie hand pies – These are a heady mix of Lopez Harvest roast golden beets, fava bean shoots, Goosefoot produce spinach, and green onions from Horsedrawn.
Puff Pastry Pizzas – Creamed spinach, allium roast, kale flowers
Apple Butter Buns – LAST ONES  FOR THE SEASON!
Rhubarb Custard Galettes- sweet, tangy, rich, and vibrating with that rhubarb energy
Sprouted Lopez Whole Grain Rosemary Shortbread- has a following….

Sprouted Whole Grain Lopez Heritage Chocolate Chip Mint Cookie – ….also, just yummy.

Other goodies too, just can’t think of them all right now.

Mostly self serve, Arthur and Ona will be around to field any pressing concerns or delightful conversation, we’ll see you all tomorrow.
Thank you!!!
Barn Owls