A lovely sunny week of Barn Owl Bakery…

Long buzzing days we have here this mid June. Can someone remind me to sleep most of next winter? Everyone is putting in long hours and its exhausting but productive and has a harmony with the bearing down sun from morning to night and the plants flowering and fruiting and getting tall as can be right before our eyes.

We have two days of fresh breads and pastries coming out this week, Wednesdays at Midnight’s Farm and Saturday at the Lopez Village Farmer’s Market. You can find the list of offerings for each day below. Treat yourself and all your summer guests!

Wednesday at the bakery at Midnight’s Farm:

BAGELS! – Our unique all sourdough, long fermented, hand rolled and boiled bagels baked in a wood fired oven. We’ve been trying to remember just how to make these and I think that this week we’re getting back to our targets. Chewy, but not dry, sweet and salty.

Country Bread – the workhorse

Millet Apricot- rich apricot morsels, nutty millet porridge, organic flour all grown within 50 miles of our bakery, amazing!
Sourdough Croissants and their Chocolate variation – these really are pretty special 25 minutes out of the oven. Heritage grain, whole pastured butter, goodness. Hard to find, and here you are!
Rhubarb STRAWBERRY Scones – James down at Mackaye Harbor farm has done it again, the biggest, most beautiful, juiciest, sweetest, unbelievably tasty strawberries, first week of June! AMAZING!
Savory veggie hand pies – These are a heady mix of Lopez Harvest roast golden beets, fava bean shoots, Goosefoot produce spinach, and green onions from Horsedrawn.
Puff Pastry Pizzas – Creamed spinach, allium roast, kale flowers
Rhubarb Custard Galettes- sweet, tangy, rich, and vibrating with that rhubarb energy
Sprouted Lopez Whole Grain Rosemary Shortbread- has a following….

Sprouted Whole Grain Lopez Heritage Chocolate Chip Mint Cookie – ….also, just yummy.

Other goodies too, just can’t think of them all right now.

Mostly self serve, Arthur and Ona will be around to field any pressing concerns or delightful conversation, we’ll see you all tomorrow.
Thank you!!!
Barn Owls

Saturday at the Farmer’s Market

Wild Leavened Breads

Village Country Bread-  The daily bread, and now you can get it almost that often!

Miche – bread worth gathering around. 

Seedy Petites and Rosemary Petites- Two varieties of our smaller picnic sized loaf (I guess for those of you who don’t picnic Miche style…) both full of flavor and goodness. Tear into either or both!

Kamut Sultana – We love these plumped up whole grains, so chewy and wholesome, the golden raisins make it a treat. French Toast winner!

Lopez Levain –   This is our challenge, this is our passion, this is the risk, this is our chance, this is the culmination of work done by farmers and millers and bakers right here in our community to keep alive the ancient secrets of the grain.  Like any life lived within the constraints of our natural world, sometimes this bread isn’t the easiest path, but it’s always the path that speaks to our hearts, that speaks of love.


Mountain Bread-  A traditional Danish style Rye, made with Spelt and a hundred other things. Slice it thin, top it savory or sweet or not at all!

Tordu-  The perfect bread when you don’t know what bread to get

Lopez Sandwich –  A tender and functional send up to the classic white sandwich bread, made with whole grains grown here on island and Skagit grown flour.

Gluten Free Sliced– Whole grains, no gluten, wild leavened… people come from far and wide to hunt this down.

Wild Leavened Treats

Lopez  Strawberry Rhubarb Scones  A jammy rhubarb compote layered in with the first of Lopez Strawberries! We are thrilled! So happy to see James with this booth full of ruby jewels last week at the market, we ordered of course twice as many as we needed, but only half as many as we want.

Gluten Free Strawberry Scones – with oat flour and brown rice flour, totally delectible alternate to the above!

Maple Vanilla Cream Cheese Cinnamon Roll – We can always improve on a good thing…these are yummier than ever!

Croissants – whooeee! A lot of effort and magic and luck and goes into getting these right. 

Chocolate Croissants – a classy pair for sure

Savory Pesto Twist – Loads of Spring herbs and greens!

Savory handpies–  We head out to the garden and down to the farmstands and swing by the farmer’s booths at the farmer’s market each week, buying whatever looks good, smoosh it up, and voila, hand pies! Made with our signature heritage grain yogurt pastry dough and filled up spinach, leeks, caramelized onions, organic mozzarella cheese, and herbs.

Flatbreads – all savory goodness with Goosefoot Spinach and Sunnyfield Feta! 

Lopez Rhubarb Custard Gallettes -Because Custard begs for rhubarb and vice versa

Sprouted Lopez Wheat Shortbread-  Rose or Rosemary, we’ll decide this week!

Strawberry cheese Danish…Your new treat on the table! Lopez Strawberries get their fancy treatment. 

Rye Thumprint Jam Cookies– Get there before the few folks who like to buy them all!

Chocolate Chip Cookies– Lopez Sprouted Wheat because you want to have your cookie work hard for you and really be worth it. You can use all those nutrient now and how about that flavor?!

Feel free to reply this e-mail and request to hold something for either Wednesday or Saturday and we’ll do our best to remember!

with love and peace,

Nathan & Sage and the whole fam and team