Sage Dilts – Owner – She began her baking in the Headland Center for the Arts in the Marin Headlands, working with Eduardo Morel of Morel’s Bread.  The focus on small scale wood fired naturally leavened whole grain bread was the inspiration for her own baking when she moved to Lopez Island in the summer of 2011.  After baking out of a small barn apartment in a 100 year old barn she moved to a wood fired oven at Captain Kenny’s house, then eventually into the bakery during the Spring of 2013.

Nathan Hodges – Baker, all around business helper, Sage’s husband – He got suckered into baking the bread when Sage was pregnant with Eden and hasn’t looked back ever since.  He is also a land artist and environmental consultant, look for his work at nathanrhodges.tumblr.com and nathanhodges.net

Lindsey Cummins  – With deep roots on Lopez and a mean work ethic, Lindsey is integral to Barn Owl.  She helps with all aspects of mixing, shaping, baking, and deliveries. She’s also the lead on bagels and our sourdough spelt crackers. Lindsey is currently on hiatus growing both her flower business and a new baby!

Neil Hanson is really the most crucial part of the whole operation and comes in to tidy the bakery after the wild and messy bake days. The founder of Neil’s Mall aka Lopez Take It Or Leave It, he is currently teaching himself ukelele and open back claw hammer banjo.

Ana Malinoff – A Lopez native, Ana has worked at the famous Holly B’s Bakery before coming to Barn Owl and  co-founded Greenheart Gardens, an organic seed company, whose grain collection provided a foundation for Barn Owl’s grain project.  A skilled and thorough part of the team,  Ana is taking the lead on our sourdough croissants.

Arthur Moss-Hawkins – An east coaster with a degree in international studies from Seattle U, Arthur has a passion and reverence for bread. Originally our baker, he now does mixing, shaping, and all sorts of tasks around the bakery.

Ameila Kent – A quick witted and attentive pastry crafter and shaping shift keystone, Ameila’s breadth of knowledge on topics ranging from alien abductions to the newest island gossip is invaluable. She’s also been taking the lead on marketing and design for the Barn Owl brand.

Mycah Kraushaar – The newest member of the Barn Owl team, Mycah brings a sunny work ethic and interest in herbalism and an eagerness to learn to the bakery.