Artisan craft bakery on Lopez Island


Farm Stand! All Organic Fresh Breads and Pastries at Midnight’s Farm Wednesday 4/17 , 9am to 2pm

Here we are, popping up like another delightful spring flower to offer your weekly worldclass island grown breads and pastries. Come by tomorrow and find your favorite treats and staples made with whole grains, island fruit, organic butter, wild leaven. We feel maybe a little over the top telling the full story of our baked goods in every email and post, and maybe you also gloss over the extra verbage. Often we can’t even get in all the details that make this food matter to us. We keep at it Read more

Pick up your Fresh Bread and Pastries at Midnight’s Farm 9am to 2pm Tomorrow! (4/10)

Hello all, We have bread and pastries slowly rising, ready to be baked bright and early for tomorrow’s Bakery Farmstand Open House (okay, we aren’t totally sure what to call it still, but we’re open for you to buy fresh yummy baked goods, does it really need a name?) For now, Wednesdays are your only chance for weekly all organic, whole and heritage grain, naturally leavened pastries (and a special market-only bread) from us as we are not doing the last two Grange Winter Markets. This was a move of Read more

Wednesday Barn Owl Bakery Open House 4/3 from 9am to 2pm-ish

Hello Folks! Come join your friends and island visitors for some mid-week treats and bread for dinner (toast for breakfast!) tomorrow (April 3rd 9am to 2pm ish) at Midnight’s Farm for our weekley Open House where you can buy fresh bread and pastries right from the bakery. We will have Country Bread, Millet Apricot Bread (!!) and some (many!) of your favorite pastries, all with whole grains, only naturally leavened, with island produce, and of course all organic all the way. Can’t go wrong… We’ll see you soon, hopefully crossing some Read more

No market…so we’re getting to work!

Well there is no market on this bonnie Springy weekend and we are taking advantage of the break to keep up the major momentum started last week by our hardworking work party! Want to help keep it up? Have so much fun last week or missed out? Come on over! Nathan and others will be there by 10am all day, so come to lend a hand, or just check our the progress…it’s looking so good! We so appreciate all and any effort from our community, this project is certainly bigger Read more

Don’t miss Barn Owl Market E-mails

Hello Bread folks… This is just a little housekeeping note since using our new e-mail software might mean that our newsletter will end up in your “Promotions” folder in gmail, and maybe in your spam folder for other e-mails providers.  If you are not seeing our e-mail in your inbox (we will send one tonight, for the Grange market on Saturday) check your “Promotions” inbox under “Categories” in gmail or in your Spam folder. At the top left of the e-mail in Gmail there is a button to click that Read more

Wednesday Open House at Bakery, Midnight’s Farm , 9am until sold out, 3/6/19

Well, chop wood, carry water. A big week just happened, and now we are in recovery/adjustment/ keep on keepin on/ try to hold it all together mode…We’ve got bread and pastries fresh for you at the bakery tomorrow and that feels like a feat. And we couldn’t even do it at all without the team of stunning bakers to keep it going. Ana, Amelia, Arthur, and Neil and Ona, we are so grateful for you! Thanks to you all for your kind words of encouragement and congrats. We’ve got a Read more

Barn Owl’s Wednesday Farmstand – OPEN – 2/27 – 9am til dusk

Okay, not to be a total tease here, but seriously, we’ve got some good news, big news, and also some emotional news, but we’re going to wait just another couple days before we know for sure how the dice will fall, so until then…. Tomorrow at the bakery Farmstand, we’ll have:   Country Bread – your daily bread. It’s good old, it’s special fresh.    Purple Raisin Barley – We can’t resist these sweet hearty loaves for these chilly nights, try frying a slice in butter then eating with a hot soup.   Read more

Barn Owl at the Market – Saturday June 2nd – 10am til 2pm

Hello lovelies, What cold, windy, dry spring weather we’ve been having. All the grain shivers in the field, waiting for the brief moments of warm sun and stillness to put on a few inches of new growth, then hunkers down when these cold winds blow, sucking their sweet moisture out of the dirt, hoping for rain. Do you think plants hope for rain? Do rain dances? Forecast? Weather, climate, change, warming, drying, unpredictable patterns, crop failure, resource scarcity, negative feedback loops… the list goes on, the inevitable outcome of a Read more

Barn Owl at the Lopez Lamb and Wool Fest- 10-3 Sat 5/13

Hello out there! We will be joining in on the Lamb, Wool, and Goat Festival tomorrow, Saturday, offering some eats while you hang out with the spinners, weavers, farmers, and shearers. We’ll have some of our scrumptious flatbreads, cinnamon rolls, and our new macaroons! We love this event for its celebration of land-based labor, artistry and craft that has such beauty and usefulness and takes time. We have an all-season appreciation for wool really. Wool, meat, and milk from sheep and goats, like bread, is tied to the land, the Read more

Winter Market in the Village – Barn Owl’s Goodies Galore – 2/18 – 10am til 2pm

Howdy doody folks, Well well well. Just sitting in a golden rainbow beam of sunshine, pouring through dark clouds, the grass’s holy sparkle calling in the birds to peck and scratch for the bugs. Asking me, why don’t you eat the bugs? Come scratch with us in the sun. The frog’s got their chorus going last night for the first time this year, I looked back and it was 1/29/16 that we sent out a bread email about the first frogs of the year. A bit later this year! A Read more