Artisan craft bakery on Lopez Island


Barn Owl at the Market – Saturday June 2nd – 10am til 2pm

Hello lovelies, What cold, windy, dry spring weather we’ve been having. All the grain shivers in the field, waiting for the brief moments of warm sun and stillness to put on a few inches of new growth, then hunkers down when these cold winds blow, sucking their sweet moisture out of the dirt, hoping for rain. Do you think plants hope for rain? Do rain dances? Forecast? Weather, climate, change, warming, drying, unpredictable patterns, crop failure, resource scarcity, negative feedback loops… the list goes on, the inevitable outcome of a Read more

Barn Owl at the Lopez Lamb and Wool Fest- 10-3 Sat 5/13

Hello out there! We will be joining in on the Lamb, Wool, and Goat Festival tomorrow, Saturday, offering some eats while you hang out with the spinners, weavers, farmers, and shearers. We’ll have some of our scrumptious flatbreads, cinnamon rolls, and our new macaroons! We love this event for its celebration of land-based labor, artistry and craft that has such beauty and usefulness and takes time. We have an all-season appreciation for wool really. Wool, meat, and milk from sheep and goats, like bread, is tied to the land, the Read more

Winter Market in the Village – Barn Owl’s Goodies Galore – 2/18 – 10am til 2pm

Howdy doody folks, Well well well. Just sitting in a golden rainbow beam of sunshine, pouring through dark clouds, the grass’s holy sparkle calling in the birds to peck and scratch for the bugs. Asking me, why don’t you eat the bugs? Come scratch with us in the sun. The frog’s got their chorus going last night for the first time this year, I looked back and it was 1/29/16 that we sent out a bread email about the first frogs of the year. A bit later this year! A Read more

Little Winter Market – NOW IN THE VILLAGE! – Saturday 2/4 10am til 2pm

Hi friends, Well, to be honest we’ve had a hard time tearing ourselves away from the internet this week as we watched the new administration lay waste to our democracy.  And, in equal measure, watched as millions of folks tweeted, marched, chanted, called, wrote letters, facebooked out a resounding ‘no way buddy.’  Equal parts terrifying and inspiring.  The thing that anchors us? Baking! We all still have to eat, that’s the fundamental principle of life. A few big news items:   1. The Winter Market has moved!  We’re giving Sunnyfield Read more

Barn Owl at the Sunnyfield Market 1/21 10am til 2pm

Hi folks, Well, there was much debate about whether we should have the market tomorrow what with all the marches and rallies going on, but we decided we’d just keep with the schedule and keep doing what we do, making top notch wholesome food to keep our community nourished and happy. It’s a political weekend though, no denying that, with the absurdist spectacle of Trump’s inauguration hanging like a dark cloud over our day, Which is to say, in polite company, it’s not always easy or appropriate to discuss politics, Read more

Grain Thresher Fundraiser! Quick and easy!

Hi folks, So many of you have been following Nathan’s purchase of a small stand-alone grain thresher and winnower to help with the harvest of the heritage grains we grow to use in our baked goods.  Thanks to everybody’s generosity so far we raised $1000 and he bought the thresher and it’s sitting safely in a warehouse in Seattle. Warehouse and freight fees have added up to be considerably more than we expected so we’re doing a quick and simple GoFundMe campaign to try and raise $550 to cover some Read more

Sunnyfield Market – Back in Action! – Saturday 1/7 – 10am til 2pm

Happy New Year! Happy solstice! The returning of the light is already starting to be felt, those few extra precious minutes of cool low winter sun drawing us through the coldest days, the north wind whistling through the cracks in our little cabin, scarves pulled tight as we bring in our firewood and keep the bakery oven stoked. Here we are, entering into our 7th year here on Lopez, baking our breads, growing our kiddos, settling in. We’re feeling the itch of growing pains at Barn Owl and we feel Read more

Sunnyfield Market – Saturday 12/10 – 10am til 2pm – Local Food, Happy People

Hi everybody near and far, Well, what a beautiful week it’s been. Icy crisp muddy winter, the raucous ravens sqwonking away the cold, the turkeys up in the apple tree knocking off the last few hangers, pecking out the worms, leaving the sweet bits for the deer and rabbits to nibble. Ice creeping in from the edges of the ponds, the heat being sucked back into the earth, waiting for the new buds to pull it up in the spring. Then snow! Late last night as the bread steam billowed Read more

Sunnyfield Market -Barn Owl bakes – Saturday 11/26 – 10am til 2pm

Hi everybody! Hope you had a sweet Thanksgiving week. We’re planning on bring down a sort of more limited selection of baked goods to Sunnyfield Market tomorrow, but we’ll have all the classics and a few fun things too. Tomorrow is also the annual Pre-School Craft Bazaar where island folks set out their best wares to make holiday shopping easy and support our local pre-school. In solidarity, we’ll be donating 5% of all our proceeds tomorrow at Sunnyfield Market to the Pre-School. So don’t be shy about coming to both, Read more

Barn Owl at the Sunnyfield Market – Tomorrow! – 11/12 – 10am until 2pm

Hey lovelies, Politics got you down? Come see what the unregulated caring economy looks like down at Sunnyfield Farm and get some good food and good conversation to help cheer you up.  Support the local food folks working hard to take care of our earth and our community. Localize! Wild Leavened Breads   NOTE: All of our breads this week will be made with a portion of Lopez grown wheat. We’re experimenting with how best to use the different varieties with the goal that all our whole grain flour will Read more