Artisan craft bakery on Lopez Island


Your summer Barn Owl Bakery booth awaits in the village, Saturday 5/17 from 10-2…

Hello Friday night! A big ole moon is rising through the trees and I want to watch it a bit more so I am going to push through the tasks in front of this less than celestial glow…Also, we already e-mailed you this week! We don’t want to overdo it. We are thinking one e-mail on Monday to let you know the line-up for Wednesday and Saturday that week? Thoughts? Okay, back to the moon for a quick minute though…having lived at Midnight’s Farm now for going on eight years Read more

Oh yes! Fresh Breads and Pastries Wednesday at Midnight’s Farm 9-2

Oh hey dears. Gosh. The rains are here, that’s a relief and not without worry that it won’t be enough, but grateful that the cycles we need persist. Sing the songs and give the offerings and drive less and keep our circle of impact local, we sort of try our best to make these connections, for whatever it is worth. The seeds are in the ground just in time, grain will be doing its ancient grain thing and at our scale our bodies get to follow ancient planting patterns and Read more

Barn Owl’s Farmstand – Open for business! – Wednesday 5/8 – 9am til 2pm – Fresh Breads and Pastries

Hello lovely bread folks out there in bread land, Nathan here! We’re coming into May all fired up and running around the island, planting grains, picking up fresh milled flour from Steve, dropping of seed for the farmers, hustling like crazy to keep our little local grain economy flourishing. Then we mix in long days at the Grayling working on the new bakery space, watching our new home emerge out of the old shell of this crazy old building, and the many many trips to Sunset hardware. All the while Read more

May Day breads and pastries at Midnight’s Farm 9-2

Happy May Day, an interesting kind of seasonal confluence of the infinite energy of the sun, growth, fertility  of the earth and the needs for limits, rest, respect of the worker. As a business we grow and thrive and as a business we hope to re-balance and support all that makes our growth possible…like the plants do! Flower crowns, dancing, and political theory…it’s our kind of day! Let’s hope, for the plants and our garden labor and grain growing… that this morning frost subsides now that we’re out of April Read more

Farm Stand! All Organic Fresh Breads and Pastries at Midnight’s Farm Wednesday 4/17 , 9am to 2pm

Here we are, popping up like another delightful spring flower to offer your weekly worldclass island grown breads and pastries. Come by tomorrow and find your favorite treats and staples made with whole grains, island fruit, organic butter, wild leaven. We feel maybe a little over the top telling the full story of our baked goods in every email and post, and maybe you also gloss over the extra verbage. Often we can’t even get in all the details that make this food matter to us. We keep at it Read more

Pick up your Fresh Bread and Pastries at Midnight’s Farm 9am to 2pm Tomorrow! (4/10)

Hello all, We have bread and pastries slowly rising, ready to be baked bright and early for tomorrow’s Bakery Farmstand Open House (okay, we aren’t totally sure what to call it still, but we’re open for you to buy fresh yummy baked goods, does it really need a name?) For now, Wednesdays are your only chance for weekly all organic, whole and heritage grain, naturally leavened pastries (and a special market-only bread) from us as we are not doing the last two Grange Winter Markets. This was a move of Read more

Wednesday Barn Owl Bakery Open House 4/3 from 9am to 2pm-ish

Hello Folks! Come join your friends and island visitors for some mid-week treats and bread for dinner (toast for breakfast!) tomorrow (April 3rd 9am to 2pm ish) at Midnight’s Farm for our weekley Open House where you can buy fresh bread and pastries right from the bakery. We will have Country Bread, Millet Apricot Bread (!!) and some (many!) of your favorite pastries, all with whole grains, only naturally leavened, with island produce, and of course all organic all the way. Can’t go wrong… We’ll see you soon, hopefully crossing some Read more

Come eat well and stock up at the Grange Market Saturday 3/23 from 10-2

Hello and Happy Spring! I think we have welcomed the return of the chorus frogs with this newsletter six times now. Somehow I just can’t let the season start without sharing it with our community, who has been falling asleep to the same sounds of Spring. We also saw our first newt of the season, crossing a road, but we stopped in time and got the dear one out of the way. We Brake For Newts! All of us in the bakery are having such a fun time putting together Read more

Wednesday Bakery Open House, 3/20, 9am to sold out

Oh so happy sunny Spring! We rather feel like singing. We had toes in the mud, and straw hats and bare arms…oh but that was me and the kids though, Nathan was is respirator and boots…but still enjoying the fine weather and change of season! Enjoy a stop at Midnight’s Farm for some bread and treats! Here’s what we will have for you tomorrow: Country Bread – your daily bread. It’s good old, it’s special fresh.  Seedy Everything bread- so good for Spring picniking Sourdough Croissants and their Chocolate variation – these really are pretty special 25 minutes Read more

Wednesday Bakery open house at Midnight’s Farm 3/13 from 9 until sold out…

Should be a lovely day! The frogs are back! Come gather at the little bakhouse for bread and treats! You’ll find… Country Bread – your daily bread. It’s good old, it’s special fresh.  Honey Kamut – Just a touch of sweet and a toothy porridge of whole ancient grains… Sourdough Croissants and their Chocolate variation – these really are pretty special 25 minutes out of the oven. Heritage grain, whole pastured butter, goodness. Apple Cinnamon Scones and their Gluten Free Oat cousins Savory veggie hand pies – a quick savory bite loaded with island grown goodness straight from the farms of Lopez, all Read more