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Happy Thanksgiving

Well that was our rainiest bake yet, but we have beautiful rolls and plain loaves of bread just in time for Thanksgiving.   We got enough pre-orders of our fabulous walnut and dried plum dinner rolls that all rolls are now spoken for. So we will not have rolls for sale individually as we thought we would. If you were one of these people who told us you wanted a baker’s dozen of rolls, it will be bagged with your name on it in the Bread Shed.    There will be plain loaves for sale in addition to CSB pick up   We have bagged up bread for Tuesday and Saturday pick-ups. If you were not planning to pick up your bread for this week tomorrow, please let us know. Additional loaves outside of a subscription are $5 each.   We will be leaving on the 1:35 ferry to go to Southern Oregon for the Holiday and then down to the Bay Area until the 3rd of Dec. We will not be baking again until Dec 5th.    We have help putting the Bread Shed away for the holiday after the sun goes down, but will not be able to […]

Barn Bread Tomorrow: 8:30am at old LVM

Two kinds of bread available tomorrow for purchase and pick up: 100% whole red wheat Organically grown red wheat flour, wild sourdough culture, water, celtic sea salt. This bread is darker and nuttier than the past whole wheats. Let us know what you think! Caraway Rye Organic white flour, Organic whole Rye flour, Organic whole Red White Flour, Wild sourdough culture, water, celtic sea salt. Good excuse for a homemade rueben: With either tempeh or corned beef, pile on the sauerkraut and 1000 island dressing with this flavorful bread! Note: Despite our intent to repeat bread twice each week, this week is an exception. We will be baking bread for the Community Center Open House dinner on Friday (Nov 18th) and given the way our oven works we can only do one large bake. We will be baking four types of bread for this dinner, so our subscribers and bread customers have a special treat: On saturday there will be four varieties to choose from: Olive, Rosemary, Garlic, Plain. (But no Caraway Rye and whole wheat) Speaking of exceptions: We want to remind you that next week will be different due to Thanksgiving. We will not be doing a Monday […]

Barn Bread Tomorrow Morning at Vita’s

Three types of bread this week: 100% Whole Wheat Organic whole red wheat and Organic whole white wheat, wild sourdough culture, and celtic sea salt Plain Organic whole red wheat and Organic whole white wheat, Organic all-purpose flour, wild sourdough culture, and celtic sea salt Toasted Sesame Organic whole red wheat and Organic whole white wheat, Organic all-purpose flour, wild sourdough culture, organic toasted sesame seeds, and celtic sea salt     Bread will be at Vita’s Cafe in town (Thanks Bruce!!) both to purchase (for $5 each) and for pick up (for those with pre-paid loaves) Instead of having names on bags, there will be a subscription list. Just take the loaf of your choice and check your name off the list (It is not important, instead of just helpful for you to cross off your name)   Sadly…. We will be out of town for Christmas and likely through until New Years. We will keep you posted on the next bake days, but heads up that there will be a bread shortage until 2012. We have kept good track of all subscriptions so if you’ve run out of pre-paid bread you’ll have heard from us.    Thanks and […]

Pumpkin Scones and Barn Bread tomorrow 8am at Midnight’s Farm

In honor of the Great Pumpkin holiday we are making our naturally leavened scones made with pie pumpkins from Horse Drawn. They will be warm and ready to eat by 8am. Some of you may have tried these special scones at the Farmer’s Market when we filled them with summer fruit. We’re only making a small amount, to test the waters, so come early and try this fall variation. These scones are a very special recipe that comes from the baker Sage worked for in Berkeley, CA, Eduardo Morell. Basically every scone you’ve likely ever bought was raised up to a cakey height with baking soda or other chemical leavener. There is nothing inherently bad about sodium leaven, but it does nothing to ferment the flour and make it more digestible like a wild sourdough starter does. Baking sodas also do not develop any flavor in the dough, and can actually cause it to taste to salty, and generally adds to extra sodium to the diet. Eduardo worked for years to develop these sourdough scones and we are grateful for his generosity in giving us his blessing to make them for Lopez! As for bread loaves Saturday morning we have: […]

Barn Bread, Tuesday at 8am at the old LVM lot

Tomorrow we have the Original Barn Bread (66% whole wheat) and a tasty Toasted Seed loaf (sunflower and sesame). Subscribers will get the Barn Bread in their bags. Both will be available to pick up or to buy tomorrow at the old LVM at 8am until 11am, soaking up this fall sun. (And veggie CSA members will get their loaf on Sunrise Rd 12-6pm) On frozen loaves: We heated up a frozen loaf of bread, and it was especially delicious. You may not know, but even the baker doesn’t get to eat warm bread straight out of the oven. This is because the loaf really isn’t done cooking until it cools all the way. If eaten warm, the middle hasn’t gotten the right flavor or texture (it’s often gooey and bland). When you reheat a frozen loaf you get the delectable warm bread, with the full flavor. In fact you can cover an older loaf with foil and put it in the oven for the same result. We put the frozen loaf into a 400 degree oven for about a half hour, maybe even 40 minutes. If you happen to have a meat thermometer you can stick it in and […]

Barn Bread Tomorrow at 8am

What a warm and rainy bake night!    This week we have two similar loaves, trying out a new recipe with slight variations.    One loaf is the same flour as those first loaves, the original Barn Bread, you may have tried starting back in August when we first started selling at the farmer’s market. This is a blend of two thirds whole wheat and one third all purpose flour. This bread has that same nutty and tangy flavor but we feel we’ve really improved it in look, structure and texture. We hope you’ll agree!    The second loaf is exactly the same as the two thirds whole wheat, but 100% whole. We’ve been trying out different formulas for this bread over the last few weeks, but this one has turned out the best so far, and we think is the winning recipe.    Bread subscribers will receive the 100% whole wheat in their bags, unless you want otherwise- let us know.   Sunday!   We will be doing another special bake for Vita’s Sunday specials. Last week we put extra bread out for sale which worked well. In case you’re tempted to drive by, we will be testing out holiday rolls […]

Barn Bread available tomorrow at 8am at Midnight’s Farm

We’re opening the Bread Shed early now and you can buy or pick up your pre-paid bread starting at 8am tomorrow morning at 3042 Center Rd.    Blake and Julie’s CSA members will be able to get your bread at Sunrise Rd from noon until 6pm. There will not be extra bread for sale there, so if you are not already getting bread with your veggies but that location works for you for pick-up or purchase, let us know.   We have a very tasty 100% whole wheat loaf (our first!) and the delicious multi-grain we can’t seem to get enough of. CSB subscribers (those with pre-paid loaves) will get the whole wheat in their bags, unless you strongly prefer the other. Just let us know.    Sunday Bake:   As mentioned, we will be providing the bread for Vita’s Sunday Suppers from now (First dinner this Sunday, the 16th) until the Sunday before Thanksgiving (Nov. 20th). We will be doing a special early sunday morning bake for this purpose and plan to work on other bread  as well. Let us know if you might be interested in an additional loaf, or if you would pick up a loaf Sundays […]

Barn Bread tomorrow morning in town 8AM

The bread made it through a rather rainy bake. We’re looking at a similar day tomorrow weather-wise, but we’ll be out at the old LVM parking lot from 8am to 11am. (slightly earlier hours) Bread will be for sale and in the veggie bags at Blake and Julie’s CSA pick up on Sunrise Rd from noon until 6pm. We have the very delicious and beautiful multigrain loaves that we came out with on Saturday. Additionally we tried a new wheat/rye blend, which is very tasty. We will be putting the multi-grain loaves aside for the pre-paid subscribers. Note about bread variety: If you want to make sure you get a multigrain and haven’t pre-paid let me know. We are planning to make different loaves each week, at least for a while as we figure out what works well. We plan to just choose a new delicious loaf for the pre-paid subscribers, let us know if you really have a strong preference about your weekly loaf. Sunday Suppers! We are very excited to be a part of Vita’s Sunday Suppers. If you haven’t heard already, there will be a delicious dinner each Sunday for the next six weeks, and your Barn […]

Next Barn Bread Pick-up- Tomorrow (10/4)

We were happy to have such a beautiful clear fall day for our bake tonight. After last week with sesame and olive breads, this week we tried out a slightly new formula for our basic mostly whole wheat loaf and wanted to find out how it worked without any fixings. So you can pick up your very delicious, regular whole wheat, bread tomorrow at two spots: Either at 10am in the old LVM parking lot, until noon. -OR- For those of you who with Blake and Julie’s CSA, your loaf is waiting for you there There will be bread at both spots for those who have signed up and told us where they’d like to pick up there bread and both spots will have bread to buy, but remember it’s $5 for one at a time, and $4 when you pre-pay for advance weeks. The benefits of the CSA! Thank you all and enjoy our Barn Bread! -Sage and Nathan

Barn Bread: Next pick up TODAY (saturday 10/1) at 10am at Midnight’s Farm

Happy October! There is fresh bread today at Midnight’s Farm (3042 Center Rd), starting at 10am. You can sign up for our bread CSA and start getting $4 loaves each week, or just buy one for $5. In addition to the bread at Midnight’s, we will have a special Olive Levain at Vita’s (and Vita’s only) as well as our new sesame bread (also available at midnight’. Bread will also be available for pick up at Blake and Julie’s Harvest Potluck this evening. Best wishes, Sage and Nathan