Artisan craft bakery on Lopez Island


Wednesday Bakery open house at Midnight’s Farm 3/13 from 9 until sold out…

Should be a lovely day! The frogs are back! Come gather at the little bakhouse for bread and treats! You’ll find… Country Bread – your daily bread. It’s good old, it’s special fresh.  Honey Kamut – Just a touch of sweet and a toothy porridge of whole ancient grains… Sourdough Croissants and their Chocolate variation – these really are pretty special 25 minutes out of the oven. Heritage grain, whole pastured butter, goodness. Apple Cinnamon Scones and their Gluten Free Oat cousins Savory veggie hand pies – a quick savory bite loaded with island grown goodness straight from the farms of Lopez, all Read more

Get your breads and goodies at the Grange, Saturday March 9th from 10-2pm

The Lopez Grange welcomes us once more for the sweet indoor winter market this Saturday. We have been sending you all sorts of e-mails this week, so I will keep this simple. The market will be hopping with The Palinka Gypsy Band and an afternoon guest performance by the Faux Paws. Your Barn Owlies will be warming up our delicious flatbread pizzas in the Grange oven and serving them with with fresh Lopez greens! Oh, also…did we mention that at one of our first visits to the Grayling Gallery, a Read more

Don’t miss Barn Owl Market E-mails

Hello Bread folks… This is just a little housekeeping note since using our new e-mail software might mean that our newsletter will end up in your “Promotions” folder in gmail, and maybe in your spam folder for other e-mails providers.  If you are not seeing our e-mail in your inbox (we will send one tonight, for the Grange market on Saturday) check your “Promotions” inbox under “Categories” in gmail or in your Spam folder. At the top left of the e-mail in Gmail there is a button to click that Read more

Wednesday Open House at Bakery, Midnight’s Farm , 9am until sold out, 3/6/19

Well, chop wood, carry water. A big week just happened, and now we are in recovery/adjustment/ keep on keepin on/ try to hold it all together mode…We’ve got bread and pastries fresh for you at the bakery tomorrow and that feels like a feat. And we couldn’t even do it at all without the team of stunning bakers to keep it going. Ana, Amelia, Arthur, and Neil and Ona, we are so grateful for you! Thanks to you all for your kind words of encouragement and congrats. We’ve got a Read more

Special Report: Barn Owl Bakery News!

Hello Dears! We are sending you an e-mail on a Sunday night, not our regular market e-mail timing, but because we want to share our news before the week carries on and you all find out anyway but not from us! Last week Nathan sent out that teaser e-mail when I (Sage) was away. It was a monumental week for us and we weren’t ready to share anything without being in the same time zone but so many things were going on. 1. We passed our annual WSDA inspection! Okay, Read more

Barn Owl’s Wednesday Farmstand – OPEN – 2/27 – 9am til dusk

Okay, not to be a total tease here, but seriously, we’ve got some good news, big news, and also some emotional news, but we’re going to wait just another couple days before we know for sure how the dice will fall, so until then…. Tomorrow at the bakery Farmstand, we’ll have:   Country Bread – your daily bread. It’s good old, it’s special fresh.    Purple Raisin Barley – We can’t resist these sweet hearty loaves for these chilly nights, try frying a slice in butter then eating with a hot soup.   Read more

Barn Owl Bakery and the Lopez Grange Winter Market 2/16/19 from 10am to 2pm

The great thaw is upon us, the sound of snow sliding off the roof and pounding onto the deck, the triangle of paths that we wear down between the house and barn and bakery are all deep slush, the gutters are all dripping furiously. It amazing how much water there is in snow, all of that weight just floating around up on the clouds before is drifts to silently down.  A few weeks back at the last Grange market we felt like we had slipped so easily into Spring, but Read more

Barn Owl’s Bakery Farmstand OPEN – 2/13 – 9am til sold out –

  SNOW !    We’ve been having a blast in the snow, building people, forts, castles, giant snowballs, sledding, eating icicles, snowball fights, snow angels, ice skating, feeding the little birds handfuls of millet… and baking bread!   We know the roads are still a bit dicey out there but we figured we’d just keep on keeping on and open up the bakery for another Farmstand Wednesday, come on down!    Tomorrow we’ll have:   Country Bread – your daily bread. It’s good old, it’s special fresh.    Raisin Oat Sandwich – Jumbo Read more

Barn Owl Bakery’s Fresh Bread Farmstand 2/6, 9am til dusk – Fresh Bread & Pastries

We’re not sure how the weather is going to shake out this week, snow or not over the weekend!… but we know tomorrow will be coldy! If you’re out and about come warm up with fresh Barn Owl Goodies tomorrow at the bakery! Here’s what we’ll have:   Country Bread: your daily bread. It’s good old, it’s special fresh.    Multigrain sliced sandwich. This test batch was a hit at home and will be coming more often as a favorite offering. Tomorrow’s loaf is a test of slightly smaller size, we’ll see Read more

Barn Owl at the Lopez Grange – 1/30/19 -10am til 2pm

Hey dear folks, We spin right around once more, a fortnight has passed us by, and we’re all raring to go on another grange market.  Nathan got back from the Cascadia Grains Conference on Sunday all fired up about our local grain economy and the fun stuff we’re doing up here on Lopez with Steve Lillestol at Island Grist and our island farmers. After a very full night and day of dinner, workshops, sessions, and back to back conversations with all sorts of folks from all over, one thing became Read more