Artisan craft bakery on Lopez Island


Cold day, Warm hearts – Barn Owl at the Sunnyfield Winter Market – Saturday Dec 8th – 10am til 2pm

“Just keep them within the warm aura of meaningful work” so went some advice to parents of young children and so we abide for our little ones and ourselves. It seems to be our winter way, to keep on with the tasks that keep us in movement and growth and healing in this season that can be so icy and cold and ill and dark, and sluggish. We chop the wood, we keep the animals alive and well, we stay bundled, we snuggle,we cook and cook and cook and clean, Read more

Give Thanks! – Sunnyfield Winter Market – Barn Owl’s Baked Goods – Saturday Nov 24th – 10am til 2pm

Hello folks, hope you all had good cheer and happy feasting yesterday! Tis the season of celebration, introspection, conspicuous consumption, good food, and busy weekends. Family in town? Friends come visiting who are wondering just what there is to do here on our little island? Got turkey and cranberry sauce but no bread for that storied sandwich of post-Thanksgiving bliss? Well, we’ve got you covered. Come on down to the beautiful Sunnyfield Farm for a day of community, music, goats, and local farmers and artisans who pour their heart and Read more

Barn Owl at the Little Winter Market – Sunnyfield Goat Barn – Saturday 11/10 10am til 2pm

Hey all, Just the menu tonight, hopefully that’ll be enough to entice you down to the market on Saturday for a beautiful day of local folks, local food, and good heart connections around the fire. Wild Leavened Breads   Village Country Bread-  A deceptively simple bread   Miche – not for the faint of heart, a big big bread of bold moves, bold aromas, and unruly fermentation.    Seedy Petite- loaded up with the rich protein goodness of toasted sunflower, sesame, poppy seeds with a dash of dried garlic and onion and a Read more

Barn Owl at the Sunnyfield Market Oct 27th, 10am to 2pm

We journeyed down to southern Oregon after the end of the village Farmer’s Market, to visit with family, throw rocks in the creek, hike in the mountains and watch fall come to Nathan’s home valley slow and wise. We slept in an east-facing, three sided hut and watched the sliver of the waxing moon rise with the sun from behind a little green mountain speckled with the orange of big leaf maple groves and encircled with morning fogs, settling in the draws. The whole month has had lovely clear skies Read more

Apple Fest, Saturday 10/13 noon to four pm.

Hey, We’re back! You hardly missed us, because the rest of Barn Owl bakery that is not just Sage and Nathan kept that bread coming without a glitch. Thank you to our talented and treasured team! We’re happy to return this weekend as Fruit City’s Organic Orchard is once again hosting one of the sweetest Autumn events…Apple Fest! A lovely Lopez tribute to one of the island’s most prolific and tasty crops. Barn Owl will be there with a few treats…our annual Apple Bread, Apple Galettes, Rye cookies with Apple Read more

Barn Owl Farmstand 9am to 2pm Wednesday 9/26- FRESH bread and pastries

Here’s a little reminder about fresh bread and pastries tomorrow and on….. Barn Owl bakery will be all closed up October 1 through 6 Our delightfully talented staff will all have lots of adventures and free time after pushing it every week all summer. Then they will take over the reins for the following week for sort of mellow store delivery bakes. However no pastries or LVM bake for two weeks . Normal deliveries and life as usual starts again Oct 15th… So, that leaves you with the reality that we Read more

Barn Owl Farmstand – 9am til 2pm – FRESH bread and pastries

Hi team, Just a reminder that we’ll be pulling hot bread and pastries out of the oven tomorrow morning and have them on the rack ready to go by 9am. Thanks to all the folks who stopped by last week! I think Faith will also have out a selection of veggies from the farm here and the meat freezers are loaded, although the meat shed is open every day, not just Wednesdays. Nathan will also be bringing in the last of his wheat variety trials tomorrow afternoon, using a combination Read more

9am to 1pm Fresh Barn Owl breads and Pastries Wednesday 9/12

We’re calling on you a bit earlier this week, just a little reminder of our September open farmstands at Midnight’s Farm. There will be a rack of fresh bread and pastries tomorrow from 9am to 1pm and some farm produce. Farmstand style self-serve but Arthur will be about the bakery making crackers and can help if needed (also, it’s quite fun to see the woodfired cracker process) Our baking schedule has always developed organically, kind of making room for our lives and our kids and island life, like very particular Read more

Last Village Farmer’s Market of the year, come stock up!: 9/8 @ 10-2pm

We made it! August almost knocked us off our feet, but here we are in September finding the rhythm of the home, harvest, school, and the bakery chugging along. The crisp brown and red hue over the landscape sure has us ready for cooler and wetter weather, but we aren’t there yet. Still grain to get out of the fields, tomatoes to ripen, blackberries to jam, and callused feet not ready for shoes. But summer can’t stick forever, as sweet and wild as its been. Changes ahead… Barn Owl’s Fall/Winter Read more

Barn Owl at the Market – Saturday 9/1/18 – 10am til 2pm

Hi bread folks, Been a busy week around here. It’s grain harvest! Steve Lillestol has been busy bringing in the grain he grew and Ron Norman harvested the fields he grew as well. Steve & Peter came up Morningstar Ln today to cut our variety trials and seed expansion fields with their beautiful old timey farm machinery, which beyond doing a great job is just whiz-bang fun to see in action. We’ve got several days of threshing ahead of us before the grain is in the sack, but the weather Read more