Barn Owl Bakery is an artisan craft bakery at Midnight’s Farm on Lopez Island in Washington State.  All of our baked goods are made by hand from scratch with the highest quality organic ingredients and baked in a wood fired oven. We use no commercial yeast or chemical leavening in any of our baked goods.  Instead we foster and rely on a wild leaven, rich with bacteria and yeasts, to impart flavor and nutrition to breads and pastries.  We use only seasonal produce grown on Midnight’s Farm and fruit from farms and orchards on Lopez.  We’re partnered with Island Grist, a gasifier powered stone mill, and Horsedrawn Farm, a live powered farm, to grow, thresh, and mill Lopez grown grains for our baked goods.  Good bread, good soil, good eating.

You can find our breads year round at Blossom Grocery, the Southend General Store, and the Orcas Co-op. Restaurants that serve our bread are Vortex Cafe, Vita’s Wildly Delicious, Poutine, Catkin Cafe, Southend Restaurant, Rosario Resort, and Ursa Minor.

During the summer months you can find a full complement of bread and pastries at the Lopez Island Farmer’s Market, during the fall and winter we are at the Sunnyfield Farm Winter Farmer’s Market. Please contact us for details.



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